Monday, January 19, 2015

A brand new area

Hi Daddy,
I must admit that it has been quite the interesting week here in Alberta, Canada. So let’s just get down to the news :). I have been transferred to the North East of Calgary in a ward called Prairie Winds. It is funny I couldn't have gone much farther away from my last area while still being in Calgary if I wanted to. My new companions name is Sister Bullock. She is also going home at the end of the transfer (actually she will be leaving on the 24th because her Visa runs out early). There are a lot of different cultures here. From Filipino to Sikh. One of our investigators is actually from Sri Lanka! My area is a lot bigger I feel then my last and quite different, but I guess that is to be expected when you move 40 minutes north east from your last area. Calgary is huge!!! And our area is expanding if you can really believe it. I am still probably about an hour from the border of my mission, but I feel like I am at the tip. It is quite beautiful here and I will have to send you pictures. I haven't been able to find my charger, but Sister Bullock and I have very similar cameras so we will see if that works. Good luck at work this week! I can't believe that they might be splitting our ward. Let me know what goes on!! I love you!!

Sister Kelliann Jensen

P.S- Can you get me Jake Fuge's email??

Good Morning all of my lovely friends and family!!! I am now in the North East Calgary Prairie Winds ward. That is about 40 minutes north east of my old area in the South West, and yes there is still about an hour to two North more of my mission area. This week has been quite the exciting and stressful week. Sister Gardner and I had some fun closing out our area and getting it ready to hand over to the elders. It was a sad moment leaving the area and the people behind, but I know that they are in good hands. We also got to go to the Temple one last time with the Shawnessy sisters! The east looks like it is going to be full of new challenges, great excitement, and lots and lots of work!! There are probably more different types of cultures in the east then there where in my last area. The main population of my area are the Sikhs. There is even a Sikh temple right next door to the chapel! Kind of cool actually. My new companions name is Sister Bullock. She will be leaving this transfer as well... which means (I know I said this last time) that I will be in the east for quite a while. I am excited for the new challenges, the new people, and the miracle that we will see.

So this week has been quite crazy with the new transfers and getting settled in. Sister Bullock and I have four progressing investigators and lots of potential and less-active work. On my first day in the area... I actually didn't spend in the area because Sister Bullock was going to her farewell fireside (because her visa is expiring a day early she is leaving on the 24th of February before the transfer ends). So I spent the day with the Linwood Sisters in our zone. Then on Friday I actually got to start working in my area!! We have four amazing investigators who are really solid!! First is Kirsten. I met her on Friday and she is doing really well. She knows that she needs to be baptized and recognizes the spirit when we bring it into her home. She came to church on Sunday with her boy Locklan who we will be picking up soon as an investigator. She reminds me so much of someone in my last area, and she is really great and down to earth. When she has questions, she doesn't let them stumble her, but lets us explain them so that she can better understand.

We also have two amazing teenagers that we are working with, Morgan and Jasleen. It is amazing to see the amount of faith that the youth of today have. You can really tell that Heavenly Father is sending his faithful to the earth at this time. Both girls (Morgan 13, and Jasleen 14) are progressing really well and we are working and fasting so that their parents will have soften hearts to let them be baptized :). Last but not least we are working with an amazing man from Shrilanka named Indika. We just had our first lesson with him on Saturday, but he is progressing really well and actually just walked into church one day and met the bishop (who is a convert of 5 years!!). This ward is on fire, and I am very happy the Heavenly Father has sent me to an area where I can work hard and build my testimony. I hope that all of you have a wonderful week and are staying warm! We have been blessed with a nice Chinook for the past 5 days, so things have been pretty mild. (I can't believe that I just called -5 Celsius mild.) I love you all and I wanted to share with you something that my bishop from Prairie Winds said on Sunday.... "The decisions we are making today are directly shaping our Future!" - Bishop Diaz

Have a great week. I love you all!!

Sister Kelliann Jensen

Hi Mommy!!
So to get right to the point, I am in the North East of Calgary in a ward called the Prairie Winds ward. My companions name is Sister Bullock, and she will also be going home at the end of the transfer (actually she is going home 3 days early because her Visa runs out). My area is a lot bigger then my last and I must admit that I miss it. Adjusting is always so hard, but I hope that I will be able to adjust well and quickly to both my new companion and my new area. I live with a member named Sister Wilicolm and she has two pets. One little dog named Ramsie and an adorable half Siamese named Cloud. She is a cutie and I love her. It is really nice to have another kitty, however sometimes I miss O'Malley.
My new area has a lot of work going on in it and actually the main population of the area are Sikhs (which are the warrior part of the Muslims). They all seem really nice, and we even have a seek temple right next door to our Church.
We had 4 investigators at church yesterday! Four!! That is more than I ever had in Evergreen. And we have a good 6 investigators and a bunch of less-active work to do. Sounds like I am going to be keeping quit busy over the next couple of months.

Sounds like the boys had fun at the Car auction. How come Danny didn't go with you? I love your owl pillows. They are adorable and I must say that I am a bit jealous of Mandy. Which reminds me that I need to get her a card to send off. Tell Josh that I am excited for him, but that he is still not allowed to get married until I get home. :)
I did here that Canada will be closing all of the Targets, which I am kind of sad about. I liked them personally, really they didn't feel much different from the ones back home, but I guess a lot of people felt like they were over-priced and not as good (honestly they were cheaper than most placed in Canada). So are you going to get to go to Hawaii too? Maybe I will have to go to BYU Hawaii when I get back (okay maybe not) and work at that Target (again probably not). As always I miss you. All of the moving and getting into a new area has been a bit stressful and overwhelming, but I know that I can do this. I love you lots. Tell every-one at Target that I love them and miss them.

Sister Kelliann Jensen 

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