Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Transfers Next Week

Thank you to everyone that answered my question on "Where have you lived and what was your favorite place to live". I was really interesting reading every ones points of view on a place and why they did or did not like the area. It seems like Fort Douglas, Salt Lake was the unanimous love for everyone, even though Dad loves Arizona and Mandy isn't sure (I am not sure if that is cheating the question, but I guess saying that you might not have found it yet is an okay answer). As for me, I have really only lived in 3 places my entire life (4 if you count Evergreen :)). Because we moved from Fort Knox when I was two, Kentucky really doesn't even count on my list, so really it has to be Arizona all the way. I remember when we moved from Avondale to Phoenix, and to be honestly I don't even remember being sad about moving. I have really enjoyed living in North Phoenix. I love the area, the people, my family... and it has really been nice to have most of my family so close to one another. I loved my high school, my band, and really enjoyed the last couple of years I have spent outside of High School, mostly because of the closeness that we have been able to have as a family. As far as Canada goes, it really does remind me on Utah. I have really grown accustom to the weather and now we walk outside and say "oh it is 0 (32) it is so warm out. The cold has not really bothered me, and although I miss my AZ sun, it is starting to feel like home. So I can't really say that I have had the same experiences with different places as all of you have, but I have really enjoyed the time I have spent in North Phoenix, and Utah I mean Canada ;).

It seems really weird to me to think that this week is Thanksgiving. Because Thanksgiving is in October here, I feel like Christmas should be done and over with yet at the same time I can't believe that I will have been out for 3 months on Thursday. As for Thanksgiving here, we will be spending it with the Babcocks, and I will see if they can send you some pictures because I still can't seem to find my camera charger :(. I am excited to spend some more time with them, especially since my three months training are almost over with. Mom, you asked what my favorite memories from Thanksgiving are. Well I don't really seem to be able to pin point one Thanksgiving that really stands out to me, but I can tell you all of my favorite parts. It all really starts with the Thanksgiving day Parade. I feel like I have been watching that parade every year for most of my life, and I have always enjoyed the parts where they do the Broadway shows. Be sure to watch it for me this year. My next favorite part has always been mom's rolls. I think I could eat like 12 of them for dinner and I would be happy. Another part that stands out from past Thanksgivings is the little green bowls on the table that we would put gherkin pickles and olives in. Every time Dad and I past the table we would snatch a few and by the time Dinner came around there would hardly be any left. Other little things stand out like making pie cookies with the left over pie dough (I actually did that the other day because we made a Banana Cream pie for a member), and watching the dog show. I can't really think of the last time all of us have been together for Thanksgiving, and we are going to have to make a point of getting together again when I get home (even if it is like 8 months away from the time I get home to Thanksgiving).

As far as my week this week, it was actually really good. I feel like this week things started to come together really well, and I am starting to become comfortable with the people and my companion. This probably means that things are about to change haha, and I expect they will be soon. Transfers will be next week, and I am excited to see what happens, whether Sister Martin or I leave, and what happens to our zone. These past few months have been quite the learning curve for me, and I feel like Heavenly Father has really been wanting me to learn about who I am, how I tick, and what I need personally to be able to function well enough to help those around me. Because I have been with my companion, I have learned that I need someone to talk things out with because I am not and really never have been good at compartmentalizing things in my head. I have to write things down or else I forget, and just because I am hard on myself, doesn't mean that I haven't learned anything or grown. I have learned that I worry about everything and that I am a perfectionist, but that all of these things are okay because they make me who I am. These things, combined with my testimony, are exactly what Heavenly Father needs when he puts me with a companion, in an area, or even on my mission, and that He wants me to be who I am. :). I have grown in testimony and understand about my divine potential, about Christ, and about the atonement and I encourage everyone to read the talk "The Atonement: Our Greatest Hope" by James E. Faust.

Oh, something that I have been wanting to tell Dad, is that in Calgary, there are noooo Pigeons. None. I haven't seen a single one. Zip. Nada... but there are HUUUGGGEE Rabbits and Sea gulls.

As far as investigators goes, we have been come to cross roads with just about all of them. It is amazing to see the difference that it makes when they go to church, pray, and read. And sadly one of our investigators Janet has been having a hard time lately because when she stopped going to church, she stopped understanding, and when she stopped understanding, her prayers have not been as open. It is all about our true desire of heart. If we don't want it, or are not searching for it, Heavenly Father can't give it to us based on the law of Agency that he is bound to. He will never give us something that we do not want. Or actually more accurate is that we can't except something that we don't know is there. It reminds me of President Uchtdorfs General Relief Society talk this year where he said that "Heavenly Father is constantly raining blessings upon us. It isour fear, doubt, and sin that, like an umbrella, block these blessings from reaching us." This is something that I have learned to be true this week. He is always there waiting to help us. Always wanting us to become the people He knows we can be. Always doing the most he can, but having to wait until we want it, until we decide to change before we recognize His divine help. I have learned to love my father in Heaven so much during my struggles as a missionary. I am growing to understand and commit myself to Christ and His gospel, and as I go out each day I learn more and more that God is there, that He cares for us, and that He wants the best for everyone. This life is all about becoming/remembering our true identity. It is about remember that we are daughters and sons of God and the way we do that is by committing ourselves to Christ and "following in his way". A quote I have on my wall is "Discover your true self through Christ".

I love you all, Enjoy your week and Thanksgiving. I will be thinking about you!!!!

Sister Kelliann Jensen

P.S. - I have actually started to learn how to play the guitar and have been volunteered to play and sing at the relief society Christmas party this Wednesday. It is funny because our Christmas party is the day before Thanksgiving and Sister Babcock (the American Sister in our ward) is actually putting the party on and then the next day we will be having Thanksgiving at her house.:)

P.S.S - Next week is Transfer week so I will be writing on Tuesday instead of Monday.

Love you all!!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hi Dad,

How have I gone my entire life and never known that I was blessed in Utah too???? That is pretty crazy every time something big has happened in my church life, it has never been in the ward that I actually belonged to at that time. I was bless and baptized both in Utah, and then I had my farewell talk and was set apart by my home ward Stake president, which is not actually the ward that I was attending at the time. So weird. I am going to have to continue the tradition and not get married in the state that I am living in. I love you so much and will give you the same question that I gave mom!! I hope that you two have a fun time talking about it. Where have you lived throughout your life and which area was your favorite??? I like this question thing, it helps me learn more about you guys and still feel close to you as I am so far away. Oh and the weather is sooo crazy up here. Back and forth everyday. Let me know what questions you have for me, sometimes I have no clue what to write. :) Love you a ton,


Sister Kelliann Jensen


Hi Everyone,

This week was Stake Conference in the Foothills stake. I never realized how big our stake was, but I thoroughly enjoyed the conference. The Saturday session was all based around missionary work. They had 3 youth speak about how they were preparing for a mission, and they had 2 Returned missionaries speak on what they learned on their missions, I think the biggest thing I learned came from President Palmer, who is the 2nd counselor of the mission here in Calgary. He talked about a missionary that served in Ireland 50 years ago and how he thought that is was an "unsuccessful" mission because he had only baptized one person on his mission. President Palmer then went on to talk about how the mission was then closed for a time until years later when they reopened it to find that that one man had been working hard to prepare all of his family for baptism. From that one baptism, President Palmer's family came into the church, from that one missionary, a whole line of gospel centered families where born. He then talked about when they had the temple open house here is 2012 and there was a comment card that will haunt him forever. The card read "I had no idea, why do you people hide". We truly have no idea. We have no idea what effect we have on people, what one smile, one wave, one copy of the Book of Mormon will do for someone. I always hear of the stories of people that say if they had just had one person wave or smile at them, that would have caused them to rethink them trying to take their life. Sometimes it just takes one person, one hand to reach out... and as members of the church, we can not only reach out to others in love, but also in Charity. We need to being showing everyone that Christ and Heavenly Father are always there for us. 2 Nephi 28:32 says "come unto me; for mine arm is lengthened out all the day-long". Heavenly Father loves all of His children. He wants us to help Him with his work, and we need to remember that the worth of souls is great in His eyes.

 I think that we as human beings often times let things get in the way of what our true focus should be in this world. We need to remember, that no matter what goes on, God is always here for us, and he needs us to be there for others as they struggle. During the last general conference, Elder Lynn G. Robbins spoke about which way we face. Although this talk was one of the most memorable in me, the message didn't start sinking in until this week really. We need to be putting the will of God before our own will. And I feel like I am preaching to the choir, because I realized on Sunday that just about everyone else that I know is sooo much better about do this then I am, but I guess that why I am the one learning this hardcore on my mission not you. When we do the will of the Lord, and not focus on the will of the "flesh", we are blessed and experience lasting joy. However, doing this 24/7 is often really difficult and requires day by day repenting and working until the days comes that it our will is inline completely with that of our Father in Heaven.


One of the youth speakers on the Sunday session of Conference was talking about Moroni's Quest (which is basically a youth camp where they reenact the Book of Mormon!!), and she talked about the experiences that she had during the Tree of Life part (1 Nephi 8). One of the things that she said that really stood out to me was when she said that "Sometimes the people that take us away from the straight and narrow are the people that we love most". Or in some case the things we love most. This seems to be quit the recurring topic in my studies and really throughout my entire mission so far, and it is something I struggle with a lot. However, a scripture that has helped me through some of the hardest times on my mission has been 1 Nephi 3:7 "I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded. For I know that the Lord giveth no commandment unto the Children of Man, save He shall prepare a way for them to accomplish the things which he commandeth them." I know for a fact that when we are striving our best to do the will of the Lord, to put Him first in our lives, that He will be there every step of the way. He promises and will help us to accomplish the goals that we have in this life, however we have to be doing our part. It is after all we can do that He will help us. It is after we use our agency and tell Him that we are ready to change that He will show us that we do not have to do it alone. Christ is the biggest hope to all mankind. His atonement for us is infinite and covers everything that we will and have gone through in this life, and we need to remember that sometimes the best thing we can do is remember that Christ is always with us. That with Him, anything is possible. I am learning to love this gospel more and more every day, and if I don't do anything else on my mission, I will call my mission a success if I can help one person remember that Christ is always and forever there for them, not matter what they are going through.


On the news of the Canada front, things have started to warm up. We were hitting -25 last week with heavy wind chill, and I survived that so I think I have got it in me to make it through the rest of winter. This week should be much warmer, and hopefully we will be able to get a lot done in the field of Evergreen. I am grateful for each and every one of you, and thank Heavenly Father every day for the people that I have met and who bless my life every day. Thank you so much for the support you give me, and the love you show me. Thank you for your Prayers, I love you.


Sister Jensen



Sunday, November 16, 2014

Snail Mail and Photo's

Week of October 17th


Dear Mom & Dad,

     Oct 17th – Can you tell that I have been having a hard time remembering to write…oops, sorry. I will try to be better! Today was a pretty awesome day! It started off kind of rocky, but I am learning to place my trust and faith in the Lord and growing in my knowledge of his atonement. Oh, so I got your package today! I love my duct tape rose pens. Mandy has been emailing me about them! And funny story, I saw a girl eating one of those caramel corn cob things the other day and I thought “Oh, I Love those, they remind me of Grandma and Mom” and then, poof, there they were in my package! Way to listen to the spirit! I meet so many people here that I am learning to love and know that I will miss when I leave the Evergreen area. Good thing I can invite 10 special people from my mission to my farewell ceremony when I head out! Oh, so yesterday was transfer day. Usually they happen the 6th week instead of the 5th, but they changed it for this transfer. We got a new district leader, and a new zone leader, and two new sister training leaders. The weather has stayed pretty nice here but it is supposed to snow by Halloween…we aren’t allowed to be outside that day.


Oct 18th – Today was a bit of a harder day. I think because I hold myself to such high standards that I don’t want to disappoint and always feel like I am. That is something I am working on, but it will be a long process. I always feel like when a lesson falls through it is because of me…all of our lessons fell through today so I really felt down. Sister Martin had a bad cold and got a priesthood blessing today which was cool because I have never had/seen a sick blessing so I didn’t know what it was like. Tomorrow is Sunday so that should really be good. Overall it was another good day on the mission. Oh, we made pies with Brother Brown again which was fun. I really like talking to his wife Michiko. They remind me of Kent and Mitsue. Love you always.


October 19th – Happy Birthday! I mean Sabbath; sorry it is kind of late over here. Anyways, today was a pretty good day full of some pretty great miracles. I feel like every time I am feeling down, the Lord always picks me back up… When we were on our way back home today we got a voicemail from a great member who is one of the most faithful people I have ever met. She call us and just told us how she felt like she needed to call us back and let us know that the Lord is aware of, and loves us, and he know what we are doing for him. Also, one of Sister Martin’s recent converts texted and told her that he was praying for God to touch her with his healing power…we never told him she was sick. It is amazing the little miracles you see every day as a missionary.

October 20th – Happy P-day! Today was a great p-day! I can already tell that this is going to be such a wonderful transfer. I love all of our new missionaries in this area. Sisters Harris and Hassan are our new sister training leaders. They are both amazing. Sister Harris was in the Evergreen area as her baby area and now she is back as a sister trainer in the YSA ward. Sister Hassan was a drama major before she came out here, and she is so great. We actually sang and played the piano for part of P-day and it was amazing. It was a really good day. We didn’t get to email because the computers were down at the library, but we should email tomorrow. We also made granola bars during P-day, and had a great time visiting with all the new people to our zone. I hope you had a good day too.

October 26th – Happy Sunday! Tomorrow is my two month mark on a mission. Can you believe that? We also got our new planners and I realized that November 27th is not only Thanksgiving, but my 3 month mark as well. Pretty crazy! So as far as work goes, things are picking up here in Evergreen. We actually had our first “first lesson” together as a companionship today. He is from China. He doesn’t really believe in God, but we in invited him to read Alma 32 and to pray about it. Also, we taught YW today on Christ like service. I have never taught a Sunday school class before my mission, so it amazes me how much I have grown. I picked up a personal progress book at the distribution center and will be working towards that throughout my mission. It has been a great week. I love you!


Monday, November 10, 2014

It's cold out there

Hi Mom!

This week has been a bit more of a challenge. I am working through some rough times, but I know that I will make it through and that I will be able to do this. Today has actually been quite the day so far. It started snowing Saturday night and stopped yesterday night, however its quite cold. -10 I believe is what it was today. We had to leave the house at 7 today in order to get to Chanook this morning by 8. We have had a donut on our car for over a week now, so we took it in to get it fixed. When we went to get our windshield fixed, Elder Trim told us that he was going to wait another 2 transfers to get tires changed, which scared us because even I knew that they needed to be changed months before. However, within the next couple of days, one of our tires went flat. When we went to take it in to TOGO tires, the guy said that he would absolutely not put that tire back on our car, and he also would not let us drive very much longer on the other ones. He called Elder Trim and convinced him to let us get new tires!!! Anyway that was like Friday, and when we went back to TOGO on Friday they were booked for the weekend, and so they told us to come back Monday morning. So this morning we dropped off our car at TOGO (after praying really hard that we would get there safely), and walked over to Chanook mall for breakfast at A&W. The A&W here in Canada are so much better because they use 100% all-natural meat and eggs. Also their chocolate is better... I will have to send you some. We also went to Target. Yes they do have the mannequins here. They are pretty cool honestly. It was also buy 1 get one on Sweaters, so I bought a new sweater and Cardigan :). Then we took the Train from the mall and now I am here at the Library.

Last Monday we also went to the mall and I got a great coat from Old Navy for like $89. It has down feathers in it and I feel like a marshmallow, but It is warm so that is all that matter right ;). Tomorrow it is supposed to be -20 with a wind-chill of -29... soo cold. I am not really looking forward to that, but we have most of tomorrow planned, so we won't really have to do much on the walking around factor.

Good news, I met with President earlier this week and he gave me a few suggestions on the how I have been feeling. Also Family Services called and made an appointment for me on the 27th. I was kind of scared about that because I didn't think I would be able to make it until the 27th without really knowing what was going on, but then the next day (after I prayed about it), Family Services called again and set up another appointment on the 14th. So hopefully by this Friday I will have more news about what is going on. Yesterday at church I was also able to receive a healing priesthood blessing from Brother Peters and Bishop Davis, and it seems by the blessing that the doctor will be able to help. I think I have gotten myself in such a worrying rut that I just need something to help me get out of it and to focus my thoughts. They seem to race a lot and at this point I am just tired of fighting with myself. Either way, I am going to keep going and working hard. We have a few investigators who are not progressing and a few that have really blossomed in the past couple of months that we are excited to continue working with. Also we have 3 new ward missionary’s to help us in the work, which is amazing and we are really grateful to have them. Ultimately I am just really grateful that I came to Canada. That I am in Evergreen with Sister Martin and Sister Peters. I know that if I had had my way. I would be in the Czech Republic with no way of communicating with people and honestly I am not sure I would have made it past those 6 weeks in the MTC. I just keep holding on to what I received in my last Priesthood blessing, that Heavenly Father will help me through this, but that he also wants me to go through this. So either way I am not sure why, but I know there is a reason, and I just have to see it out.

I am excited about Josh's new girlfriend (and that dog is adorable, of course he named it Loki). I will make sure to keep you guys updated on what it going on. Apparently this kind of thing is pretty normal for missionaries. A friend of mine just got home on the 1st and he went through some really hard times on his mission. Anyway, I know that I can get through this. The scripture that I have really learned to love and has become my scripture is 1 Nephi 3:7 "I, Nephi, said unto my father, I will go a do the things which the Lord hath commanded me. For I know that the Lord giveth no commandment unto the children of man, save he shall prepare a way for them to accomplish the things which he hath commanded them". I have seen this scripture apply to my life over and over again. Whether it was the strength to quit drinking coffee or the ability to come out here on a mission, I can see that the Lord and Heavenly Father care about me, and they want me to succeed. I Love you!!!! I hope that your week at Target is not a crazy!!!


Love Sister Kelliann Jensen   


Hello from wonderful -10 degree weather!!! I have gotten many a thing to prepare for the winter. I found a great down coat for just $89 bucks, and so far it is really great!!! However tomorrow it is supposed to be -20 with a wind-chill of -29, so I am not really looking forward to that!! I can't believe that you are already on book 8!!! I saw how big they are and really 8 books in like 2 months!! I don't think I have ever seen you read that much in the past couple of years because of your school work!! I have been doing a lot of research on Joseph Smith as well. We watched Joseph Smith: A Prophet of the Restoration, which is amazing and you should watch it if you have time. I think you can find it on Either way it is about an hour long, and I was crying most of the time. I also read the Joseph Smith History, which is amazing and really proves to me that Joseph Smith could not have written the Book of Mormon when you look at his grammar and writing style.

I wanted to ask you what you remember from my baptism. I can't believe that is has almost been 12 years since the day I was baptized, and I can't really remember a lot so I was hoping that you would??

I love you so much and can't wait to hear from you again. The work here seems to pick up and die depending on the week. If the trend keeps up this week will be great!!! I just keep working every day. I know that I can do this with the help that I am receiving from the Lord.



Sister Kelliann Jensen



Monday, November 3, 2014


Hi Mom!!

This week was actually a lot better than weeks in the past. I had some pretty cool realizations and I am feeling better. I didn't get to talk to family services last week, but they actually called this morning so it will be nice to talk to them and see what they suggest and what to do in case it comes back. Really all I can do it hope and pray for the best, and work as hard as I can knowing that the Lord's will is better then mine. I can't believe how truly Prideful I have been. I was really only thinking of myself, instead of thinking about others, and when I realized that (during a scripture reading with one of our investigators) and started applying it, our week went realllyyy well!!!! It is amazing how much easier it is to listen to the spirit when you actually are willing to do what the Lord wants you to do. Some days I find that I am not doing that as on other days, and when I am not the day is not as good. So that was kind of neat really. I also figured out on Monday that I truly have been saved time and time again by the Lord. During high school as you know, my priority wasn't ever on church. It was always on Band, what can I do for band, what else can I do at school, and I realized that as I did that, I was brought further and further away from the Heavenly Father, only to be brought back to Him by one conversation and one relationship that really turned me around and brought me back. It was actually when I was dating Kyle. We had a conversation one day about if he believed in God and it was really only a two minute conversation, but when it happened and he said not really, it really struck me hard. I don't know if you remember when I was trying to decided to break up with him and I felt like I had to sooo bad but I know that I didn't want to... that was the kind of stress that I was feeling for the past couple of weeks, and I realized now that it was the Spirit clearly telling me that I wasn't doing the Lord's will and that I needed to turn around and reevaluate. As soon as I broke up with Kyle I felt better, as soon as I realized how I was being prideful, I felt better. It might come with the anxiety as well, but I definitely feel better, and credit all of this to the Lord. I don't know why He needs me out here when I have only been back in church for really a year and a half, and really no one in their right mind would go out when they have only been back for that long, so I know that for some reason, unknown to me, I am needed here, and I just need to keep working everyday to be a little better.

I am so glad that you got to go through the Phoenix open house!!!! It sounds sooooo pretty!!! I was told the other day that the Cardston temple is just like the Mesa temple. It was built by the same person who built the Mesa temple and the Hawaii temple, and none of them have the Angel Moroni on them!!

Oh speaking of Angel Moroni! Last Monday we carved pumpkins and I carved the Angel Moroni! It was kind of funny actually. I didn't take a picture but they are still outside so I might still have to. Also this week we had Zone Conference on Thursday. I had a pretty cool revelation regarding why Sister Martin was my companion, and I realized that it is because she is so quite and patient. I needed that time to think and mull things over in my head so that I could learn and gain my own testimony and become closer to Heavenly Father. If I hadn't gone through the stress I didn't, I would never have spent so much time thinking and wondering and pondering everything that I thought I knew. So really it was a great blessing. Also, on Wednesday (sorry out of order) we had probably one of the best days that I have had on my mission. We met with both Janet, one of our investigators who is on date, and Ben who is another investigator. Ben is from Lebanon and has this great love for the Lord. He is illiterate; however we got him the Book of Mormon on tape. We met with him at the McGills home, some members in the ward who are converts themselves (we actually had dinner with them last night), and by the middle of the lesson, I felt so strongly that we needed to ask him to be baptized. What was really cool though was that even before I asked him to be baptized he said himself that he would be baptized!!! So cool. And actually Sister Martin and I both felt like we needed to get him on date for Novemeber 22. So he is now on date and we are working with him to get him to stop smoking!!

Friday was Halloween and it was actually really nice out. Most people say that it has already started snowing before Halloween, and it was like 18 degrees Celsius. We made cute little candy corn cards for members and met with Janet and had dinner with the Babcocks and the YSA Elders and Sisters.

Saturday was really nice because we went on exchanges again. I stayed this time in evergreen with Sister Hassan. She is one of the new STLs, and she is amazing. It is so crazy but we are basically on the same brain wave because we kept saying the same thing at the same time. It was kind of a scary day because I was in charge, and quite the humbling day because I realized how much I have to do to be ready for when I am not being trained. Oh and remember how I said that it was nice on Halloween, well the next day it rained and then snowed.... so that heat didn't last very long. It is supposed to be about 5 today, so that was pretty nice.

Yesterday was daylight savings time. So it is now 11 o'clock here. It was quite the weird experience, because it is something that I have never had to do before.

Josh's new lab sounds adorable, and Millie!!!! I can only imagine the look on Leah's face when that happened!! I am sure she looks adorable and that she now matches your amazing new haircut. OH AND I GOT YOUR NOVEMEBER PACKAGE ON THURSDAY!! I love everything in it!! Thank you so much!!! As far as Christmas goes, I was thinking a new CTR ring, maybe some Maxi skirt, and whatever. I don't really need anything/want anything but then again I never really say that I want much on Christmas. I love you soo much and am thankful everyday for you!!

Your loving Daughter Sister Kelliann Jensen


Hi Daddy!!

This week was actually a lot better. I sent mom a pretty detailed letter about what happened, but I only have about 60 minutes left and 8 emails to go through still. Thank you so much for the kind words. I have learned so much about myself these past few weeks, and I know that although I have a long road ahead, I can do it through the strength that the Lord provides. Why in the world did they rename the college of business Jerry Colangelo.... I thought Ken Blanchard was the main guy over there?? So on Halloween we had this wonderful meal with the Babcocks. He went on his mission to Germany, so we had a dish called Rouladin which is basically a pickle and onion, wrapped in meat, wrapped in bacon!!! It was soo good and along with it we had Kanoodle!!! Which is a potato dumpling. Also yesterday we had Yorkshire pudding at the McGill's house, which is also amazing.

I want to tell you about a wonderful experience I had the other day. I have told you in the past about Sister Burfeild and how we got her the iphone so that she could watch General Conference. Well on Wednesday I felt like we needed to go see Sister Burfield. When we got there, she sounded like she was doing so much better, because she had gotten a lot more sleep. When we talked with her, we brought up 1 Nephi 3:7 (which has become my scripture) and she was like "oh my goodness that is exactly what I have been struggling with for the past year". She didn't know that that was what she had been struggling with until the day before and us coming over and saying it again was like a second nail being hammered in. We invited her to pray to know with all her heart exactly what Heavenly Father's will was for her and when we went back on Friday to deliver a Halloween card, we learned that she had received her answer and that she was doing so much better. I also suggested that she try writing out her negative thoughts and then writing out her positive thoughts right next to them and she called us later and told us that that was exactly what she needed. Doing missionary work is really cool when you get to see people change and become better right before your eyes. It might be hard, and I might go through things I never thought I would have to deal with, but I know that I am hear for some reason, even if I don't know what that reason it. I love you so much. Your words have been a great help for me as I remember them and see how strong you have become. Thank you so much for your support Dad. It means a lot knowing that I have you to help and that I know that we have a Heavenly Father as well how knows us so perfectly. Thank you again!!



Sister Kelliann Jensen