Sunday, December 27, 2015

Happy Christmas Everyone

Hello Hello my sweet family and friends! Happy Christmas! I can't believe that this week is already Christmas! I mean wasn't it just American Thanksgiving like 2 days ago!!!!????!!!!! Not fair!!!!!!! Any who let me give you the update! 

So Sister Layton has left the area :( sad day for us all but she was excited so that is okay. She is serving in Taber now as an STL so I will see her at MLCs which is super exciting! 

So my new companion is.... drumroll..... SISTER CONNORS!!!!!! She has been out for 10 months and came out with Sister Kendrick. She served in the West of Calgary and then down in a little town called Magrath. She is from... Murrieta, CALIFORNIA. NOT UTAH! So I still have only had 2 companions from Utah AND 0 from Idaho! Sweet! Okay not that exciting but still sweet! 

She is the nicest and I am excited to get to know her more over these next couple of months! 

This week really has been crazy! With Sister Layton being here for 6 months she had a lot to pack and a lot of people to say good bye to. It is always sad, but still super fun and exciting. We got to see Shannon this week before she finished school and then her mom agreed to come with us to the Nativity Pageant last night which was amazing (as always). This is the last year that our stake is in charge of the Pageant and they really did a great job. 

Eddy has moved his baptismal date to the 2nd of January which is SOOOO EXCITING! We have the stake center all booked, his brother will be here and he will be prepared! 

So other then that it has been a pretty normal week. We have been doing a lot of finding and contacting, but because it is Christmas a lot of appointments are falling through. BUT that is okay and we are still having fun and trying. I am grateful for this time of year to be able to grow in my understanding of my Savior. I am grateful that Heavenly Father is aware of my needs and the needs of those around me and am glad that I have seen so many wonderful things. This upcoming week should be great and I hope that all of you have a wonderful Christmas! Be Safe! 


Sister Jensen 

New Zone Picture

New Companion

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Another Transfer

Hello Hello Hello every one! 

Well... sad news... :(... Sister Layton is leaving me to go to the south of the mission... my guess is that she will go either to Cardston or Medicine Hat (which I would love)... but I am rEEEAaaaalllLLLyyyyy going to miss her. Luckily we live in the same state and are going home at the same time so it won't be too big of an issue. I just hope that because she is going south that I will see her again before we leave. 

Okay so other then that sad news this week has been AMAZING! (Like always!)

Crazy food, crazy fun, and great progress in the work! 

Let us start with the CraZy food of the week! 
Tuesday: SUPER SPICY PABLANO SOUP... okay it was really good and not that crazy but I felt bad leaving it out because it was out of the normal. 

Wednesday: (Here is where the fun begins) We have had dinner with our member Sister Anderson before and she promised us that next time we have dinner at her house she is making Jamaican food... which includes.... wait for it.... GOAT!!!!!! We had goat curry! It is actually really good and I wasn't sure that I would like it.

Thursday: Sushi! (okay not weird for me but it was really good). A member decided to take us out for dinner.... I really like Sushi. 

Saturday: We had Escargot! The Guidis are an French/Italian couple in our ward and they always make great food. She wanted to make us a traditional holiday meal so we had a four course meal of Escargot, Cappelini in Bouillon, Lamb steak, (a cheese course with both Italian and French cheese) and Pie... Blueberry pie. I love them. They are so missionary minded and the are the couple that have been helping us with Eddy. The best! 

Sunday: Organic foods! 

Okay so enough for making you hungry... it was just a really strange week in the food department! 

On to the more eventful and miraculous things! 

Miracles of the week: 
Last week we got a phone call from a lady named Shelby. She has a friend that is LDS and she needed some help getting to the food bank and back so she called us up and we set up a member who could go with us to take her and talk to her about the gospel. Tuesday was the day! Sister Bauer drove us all to the Food Bank and we got to see what it was like to be on the other side of the conveyor belt for once. Shelby and her kids are allergic to gluten so she got special foods, but got the food that she needed. Sister Bauer was a great fellow shipper as she has a lot in common with Shelby and on our way home we talked a lot about her beliefs and what she knew about the church. We are hoping to be able to sit down with her this week before transfers! 

We also have been in contact with Kory and Catherine a couple of other potential investigators who are really struggling financially right now. It has been really great to support them and gain a relationship with them and they have taught me a lot about trusting in the Lord. They said that they might come to church this upcoming Sunday, so hopefully they can make it out. 

We had an amazing District meeting this week. I am really going to miss this district as most of them are getting transferred but I am super proud because most of the Elders in our district have just come out and they are all training a new missionary this transfer. 

On Thursday we did another round of Christmas wrapping in the mall. It is always a fun time but this time we didn't have another set of missionaries with us we had two volunteers. Their names were Shelby and Lina. It was great talking with them and we got into a natural conversation about religion. One was super into Christianity and the other was Chinese so it was great to hear about their cultural. I love Sister Layton because she is always looking for chances to share what she knows and she was trying to get them to ask questions so that she could share and by the end of the day we had only wrapped 5 presents (it wasn't busy at all), but we had taught the Plan of Salvation to them so that was amazing. I really felt the spirit and hope that it helped them start off the Christmas season right! 

We met a new less-active. Heavenly Father keeps helping us find new less-actives to teach. Seriously I think we found a least a new one every week... Hmm...  well I am okay with that. 

Sunday one of our members brought their Friend Sophie to our Stake Christmas Music Festival! I seriously love this ward! 

Okay so other fun events of the week! 

Check it out! We went to the Calgary Tower and had lunch as a district! The tower has a restaurant at the top that looks out over the city and it rotates as you eat so you can see the city from everyside. The picture on the top consists of some of my area... including the bit of downtown that we cover. 

We went to our young women's activity to try to get to know a nonmember part member girl who comes to church every week and made cute little sock snowmen... THEY ARE SO CUTE! And we got to know Mckenzie better too! 

The Wildwood ward asked us as a district to sing at their ward Christmas party... which as so happened to be a ward Christmas lunch. We sang Oh Come All Ye Faithful and it went pretty well. Elder Linford who covers wildwood was on the Voice and so that whole ward has been pretty hyped on missionaries singing. It went well. I think that this zone has been the most musical zone I have ever been in which I love! We also got to sing for the Stake Musical Fireside which was great. We sung the First Noel and because Elder Clabaux is French we sang the first verse in French. We also sang with the Stake Choir. 

(Soooo sorry this is so long... you can skim and just look at the pictures if you want)

We also made a poem this week so encourage the Christmas Book of Mormon challenge that we extended out to the ward. It goes as follows. 

Twas 2 weeks before Christmas 
and all through the ward
all the members were learning 
about Christ the Lord

All there coats were hung 
in the coatroom with care
in hopes that the spirit
soon would be there

All the children were singing
by their teachers were led
while visions of Prophets
danced in their heads

And mom in her dress 
and dad in his tie
had just settled down 
for a lesson in 3 Nephi

They learned and they listened 
there was quite the chatter
you may ask "Well, why?"
and this was the matter:

The star in the sky
more precious then Gold
gave the luster of Mid-day
as the prophets foretold

The star was a symbol 
or Hope,love and birth
they knew in a moment 
Christ has come to the Earth

Now this is the story
the Book of Mormon Shares
that Christ did come 
and YES! He does care! 

You all have a witness
We know that it's true
Here is our challenge
we give it to you

Hand out a copy
to friend or to foe
it will bless you
no need to feel low

We are here to support you
to lend you our aid
we hope with this poem 
your day has been made! 

Well that is the week everyone! It was great with a lot of events! I love you all! 

Have a great week! 


Sister Jensen 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Hello Family and Friends! 

Crazy things going on here in the city of Calgary or as many people call it the YYC (apparently that is the Airport sign for Calgary... I don't know but it has become really popular here). This week has been pretty sweet with our zone training meetings in the North and in our own Zone. We had quite the week and ended up going up to Airdrie for some splits with Sister Durrant and Sister Pipkin. We have a lot of things that are going to happen this coming week which includes quite a few potential investigators as well as a Stake Christmas musical fireside. We also had a Hot Chocolate Stand on Saturday as a zone and handed out the #asaviorisborn cards for the new Christmas video this year. (If you haven't seen it, please go to! 

Our ward Christmas party was this week and it was crazy. There were so many family members and friends and nonmembers there that there had to be two extra tables set up. I didn't really know where to start when it came to talking to people but we had Eddy (our investigator there) as well as 3 less-actives and some friends. Heavenly Father is really opening the opportunities for us in this area. I love that he is helping us to see that their are chances to testify all around us if we just take them. Other then that this week was pretty normal. We still went to the food bank and weekly planned but it did have some Christmas flare on it with Ginderbread houses during our dinner appointments and Christmas devotionals and Choir practices. I am grateful for this season that I have to focus on my Savior. I really have a desire to strengthen my testimony of Christ so that I can continue to live according to His will for the rest of my life and I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for giving me this chance. 

There are going to be some pretty crazy things going on this next transfer. We had a complete stake change happen in Calgary this past week. Our stake didn't get changed at all, but there was a whole new stake created and all of the other stakes were rearranged! Crazy! I am grateful for the chance that I have had to serve with Sister Layton and as a missionary. I hope that you all have a great week and that you know how much I love you. Don't forget the reason for the season! 

Sister Jensen