Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Greetings from the cold and then warm and then cold again North EAST!!!!

Hello Everybody!!!!

Man, I feel like every time I am away from my family (i.e not near a computer or a Monday) I get new and exciting news. I mean when I learned I was to be a drum major in high school my parents were on a flight to Hawaii, when I learned that my first area Evergreen was being combined with Elders it was NOT a P-day... and of course this transfer is just the same with news :). So on Wednesday night at 10:11 pm I found out something pretty cool. I will be staying in the North East for another 3 months... and how do I know that..... I AM TRAINING A NEW MISSIONARY!!!! I am super excited to be able to learn so much from my new companion and to really work hard this transfer. At the same time I am kind of terrified and I really hope that I will be able to make an impact on the life/mission of my brand new companion. It will be so different for me because I have never been the senior companion, and almost all of my companions after next month will be home already. It will be really cool and rewarding to see her grow. Hard but cool.

On Friday we went to our new trainer meeting and I found out that not only am I training, but Sister Milias (one of my MTC roomies) AND Sister Wagstaff (my MTC companion) are training together!!! There are 5 new sisters coming out, so I feel really blessed to be able to train.
On Saturday, Sister Willicome (the member we live with) took Sister Bullock and me to the Temple in North West Calgary. That temple is so nice, and I feel really blessed to be able to have attended it 3 times already on a fluke. It has a beautiful wheat theme, and although it is small, it is amazing. We continue to have lots of work at our fingertips in this area. It really is a testament to how working hard, although it will not always create an immediate response, will bless you in the future. This week with Morgan, we taught her about the online portion of doing Family History. She only had her mom and her dad on her line so far, so we found the name of her Grandma and put it in. We then decided to put in her Great Grandpas name into the search bar and found a couple of possible Matches. When Morgan texted her Grandma asking when her dad died and when he was born, we FOUND HIM!!! And then when we plugged his name into her tree, her tree EXPLODED!!! In a matter of 5 minutes her tree went from 2 generations all the way back to the early 1700s!!! Crazy right??? ANNNDDDD, when we looked to see who put the names into the computer, the majority of them had been updated and added by Familysearch.org in August of 2014.... she walked into church in November of 2014.... We love Morgan and only have one lesson left with her. She will be getting baptized on April 3rd, and so we will be teaching/re-teaching the things that she feels she needs a better grasp on.

Kirsten and Lochlan, will be moving out of their house on Friday to, hopefully, another part of our area. We had a lesson on prayer, scripture study and church attendance and we really worked hard to help her see what those three things can do for you. She told us that she has a better understanding know of the Sacrament, and promised us that she would be coming on Sunday... AND SHE CAME!!! It is really exciting to see people begin to understand. My new companion and I will be helping her pack and move along with a set of Elders in the area on Friday and meeting with her on Wednesday. Hopefully when they get settled we will be able to pick up her son Lochlan as an investigator, but for now the support that the ward has given them is amazing.

Shem has been to church every week that I have been in Prairie Winds, he is doing well, really loves church, and hopefully we will be able to help him to understand and gain that desire to be baptized this week. Jasleen comes to Young Women's every week and Indika continues to come to church, even though he doesn't have time to meet with us. This area has soooo much potential with less actives and potentials, and I really hope to be able to apply myself with my new companion to really reach out in love.

This past transfer, my motto has been "little by little", however I think this transfer will be "Motivated by love". When we truly take the time to ask Heavenly Father to help us to love someone and we take the time to understand them, we can be motivated by love. I want to really be able to show my love to all, including Heavenly Father, my companion, my investigators and members. I love all of you so much. I can't believe that I am coming up on my 6 month mark. It really does go by fast. Have a wonderful week!!!

Love, Sister Jensen (Kelliann)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Family Day

Hello Everyone!!!

Happy Family Day! Sorry for the late email, the libraries we closed yesterday because Alberta took a day off to spend with their families. Personally I think this is cool because families are such an important part of my life! I am growing to really love the North East of Calgary! The people here are amazing!!

Let me tell you what a little bit of love can do :). So every holiday minus Christmas as a missionary, my companions and I have done a bit of doorbell ditching :). On Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving), we made a bunch of hand turkeys and put them on member’s doors with scriptures on them. On Halloween, we made candy corns and did the same. On Valentine's Day, Sister Bullock and I cut out 120 hearts and put them with notes and scriptures on 12 less-actives houses. We were only caught once, and we ended up having 12 less-actives at church on Sunday. It is really nice to be able to show people that you care 24/7, especially on a holiday where some people can go unnoticed!!
Morgan continues to progress and is working towards baptism on the 3rd of April!! We are planning on teaching her about Family History onfamilysearch.org this week.

So because Sister Bullock is going home next Tuesday, Heavenly Father has blessed us with a fuller week then we usually have (even though we ALWAYS have full weeks). Usually we end up planning a little bit at night, but we will mostly be planning backup plans and lesson plans every night this week. Sister Bullock has really been encouraging me to take the Senior Companion position and to really take charge as my state is uncertain as of right now. I could receive a whole new missionary, another last transfer companion, or anywhere in between. It is scary but exciting to see what Heavenly Father has in store for me. Also because Sister Bullock is going home, we are going to the temple on Saturday!!! I feel very blessed because normally you can only go once every 3 months, but I have been 2 times in the past month and a half. With Sister Bullock and Sister Gardner. :) It is always nice to be able to be in the house of the Lord.

As a missionary, we see a lot of very interesting things and one of my favorite days of the week is downtown. On our way downtown this week we met a lady on the train who had a small parrot named Twinkle that she carries around everywhere. It is always fun talking to these people. Along with that, we talked to a girl named Victoria who was taking pictures of about 40 ducks who were sticking their bills into the melted ice/snow. At the end of that three Canadian Geese swooped down and scattered the ducks. In the end we gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon as well as a Mormon.org card. Also, remember when I told you that we met a Muslim man downtown who talked to us for like 2 hours. We I met that same man again on the train back to the Northeast and he told me that he actually went to church in the Northwest by the temple!!! I gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon as well, and we parted our ways. I have a feeling that I will see him AGAIN!!

This week I have been learning a lot about Eternal Perspective. Keeping our eyes focused on Heavenly Father's plan will help us to better understand and cope with the things that we have to go through in order to help us grow into the people that Heavenly Father knows that we can be. I will be studying the Plan of Salvation even more this week and will let you know next week more of what I learn. Remember we are not humans having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience!!

I love you all so much and hope that you are all having a wonderful week. This next week will hold lots on new things and adventures for me as I finish off my transfer with Sister Bullock. I will let you know as soon as I can what will be happening here in Prairie Winds. Have a great week!!1

Sister Jensen (Kelliann)

Hi Mommy!!
Happy Family Day/Valentine's Day/ President's Day!! Canada doesn't celebrate President's day, but it does set aside a day for families to be together, which means that the libraries where closed!! I am really glad that you went to church after working until 10:30. I am also learning that living our religion is the only thing that will really help us to gain a testimony of the Gospel, however as we pray and read our scriptures, we will have the spirit in our lives to help us to gain a strength to do those things. I can't believe that O'Malley even fit in the couch let alone was able to move in it!! He is so funny. I bet you really like having Mandy with you. I miss being with you to hang out with you, but I know that we will hang out when I get home. Can you believe that it has almost been 6 months. I don't get what happened, but like you said time flys when you are busy. I had another cat sit on my shoulder this week. Weird. Did you get my picture of cloud. She is a cutie and it is really nice to have a cat again, although I do miss O'Malley sometimes, and I almost call her that. I did get my Valentine's Day package on Friday. The Fererro Roce things are already gone... and I wore my new shirt on Sunday (because I had my heart shirt for Saturday). Also Thank you for the Toothbrush!! I was just starting to think about really taking care of my teeth. I have been flossing day and night and using my new toothbrush and mouthwash every day!! I love you so much. Thank you for the new card. I will let you know when I get it!! Everyone in Canada uses the chip, so people look at you weird when you have to slide your card. What should I do with my old card?? I love you lots!! Keep me updated on the Mandy things. Tell everyone I love them!

Kelliann (Sister Jensen)

COLORADO SPRINGS!!!!!! That is soooooo cooooooooolllll!!!! I can't believe that she is being sent a place that they lived for such a long time growing up! That is super cool and I am sure that there will be many people that she will be able to touch because of this. How is the settle in? I love you. I must tell you that you are always inspired as you send me things. We I got your letter for Valentine's day I had been thinking about and studying doing the will of the Lord His way. What is the one day that you pick out from your Bible Calendar to send me? The Lord's Way. I love you so much. It is nice to know that my home has a wonderful Priesthood holder over it that can and will receive revelation for his family... even when they are far away. Have a good week!! I love you lots and hope that things are going well. I am trying to stay strong. I had a cool experience listening to the Holy Ghost this week. We were looking for a house in Skyview, but because the area is so new, we didn't have a map with the street on it. I turned down a street and we were not sure which way to turn... when I looked to the left, I felt like we needed to go down the street at the end of the road. I didn't actually follow that at first, but as soon as I didn't we turned around. When we went down that street we found the street we were looking for and we able to catch the Less active that we where looking for!!! Really cool. Have a good week, I love you!


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy Valentines Day

Hello Friends and Family!!!
What a week :). Calgary continues to go on a weather rollercoaster as it went from -14 to 8 to -12 all in the course of 3 days. You got to love it :). I am just glad that I am not affected by pressure change like some people are.

This week we had some pretty great miracles come our way. Although we had to stay inside for most of Friday because Sister Bullock was sick, Heavenly Father still blessed us with more people in our area that we can reach out to. We had the lovely opportunity to do some service painting and sanding for a nonmember daughter of one of our less-actives as well as do some packing help for an investigator who is moving to Ontario. It is always fun to see the look on people’s faces when we tell them that we can help them with service. Their first reaction is to always say "reaaalllyyy" and then they always say "weeeellll I guess if you want to". It really is priceless. We were able to pick up two new investigators on Saturday which was pretty awesome. Her name is Margret and she has 3 adorable kids. She is from South Sudan and one of her kids (Abuk) is 8, so we picked her up as an investigator as well. She came to church this week and stayed all three hours and her kids loved it. They both came away saying that they loved it and that they got 2 new friends. Speaking of Sunday, this week was fast and testimony Sunday. It was really nice to be able to fast and learn from the Spirit. It seemed like the theme of the day was agency. My new motto is "Be the change you wish to see in the world" which includes choosing to do things by your standards instead of by the standards of the world. As well on Sunday we had a new potential named Qwame just showed up to church. He is from Denmark (THE DANES!!!) and has been trying to come to the church for the past week but of course it is really only unlocked on Sundays. He calls me "Sister Yensen"!! We are planning to meet with him soon when he gets back from Edmonton, but he is armed and ready to go with a copy of the Book of Mormon, a Gospels Principles Book and a Teaching of the Prophet book for Ezra Taft Benson. We are excited to be able to work hard and see a lot of miracles in these next two weeks before Sister Bullock go’s home. She leaves on the 24th, so it will be very interesting to see what happens with me before the new transfer on the 27th. I love you all and hope that you are having a wonderful week. Safe travels to everyone who will be traveling. Remember that Heavenly Father provides for us when we do the things that he ask of us.

"All of His commandments are given to make blessings available to us. Commandments are opportunities to exercise our agency and to receive blessings. Our loving Heavenly Father knows that choosing to develop a spirit of gratitude will bring us true joy and great happiness." - "Grateful in ANY Circumstance" President Dieter F. Uchtdorf.

Have a wonderful week!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Love you always,
Sister Kelliann Jensen

Hi Dad!!!

The jewelry box is beautiful!!!! I love it so much and I know that mom will love it. Let see, this week was a pretty good week. I ended up helping pant a house, pack an investigator, we taught Morgan about Family History. Speaking of Family History, I have decided that there is too much of our Family stories that I don't really know about, so in my Valentine’s day cards I have requested stories and stuff that I can start collecting as a missionary as well as in the future. I kind of want to make a Jensen Family Book and continue it for each of us as we move forward so that we can have all of our stories in one place. I figure that it will be a good way for me to do family history because most of our line has been finished up until the 1500s. We ended up staying in most of Friday due to Sister Bullocks cold so I made Snickerdoodles for ward families. That was quite fun, but I don't know what I am going to do when I get home. I was only in the apartment for 5 hours and I got stir crazy... We picked up two new investigators this week, Margret and Abuk. They are mother and daughter and she also has two other kids and a husband. They came to church this week and we will be going back over on Saturday to teach her and her kids more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love you lots and hope that you are having a great week. Tell your boss that I say hi... Maybe when we get Facebook as a mission I can start teaching her online so that she can learn more about the Plan of Salvation... just a thought. I sent mom a few pictures of Cloud and myself. Tell Mandy that I say Hi and Josh and Danny too. I haven't heard from Josh since November, how is he doing. I am excited to hear where Sarah is going!!! Tell her that I am excited for her and that I know that wherever she is called is where she needs to be.


Sister Kelliann Jensen  

Hello Mommy!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I haven't gotten my package yet, but I am sure that I will get it soon :) Your Valentine’s Day cards are in the mail, as well as one for Grandma and Mandy... which makes me sad because Mandy will not be in Florida anymore, I hope she forwarded her mail...... ummmm this is going to be the weirdest thing for me when I get home and my sister is now living in the same state as me, but I am excited. I have decided that in order to catch up with my sister (and my family) that I want to collect Family History stories from everyone. I realized that there is quite a bit of family stories that I wasn't there for, so it would be kind of cool to have them and start collecting them. I think that you did a fantastic job on the flags!!! However yes.... flags do stink :/... It sounds like you are going to have a fun Anniversary this year (much better than last year when you got your I-phone stolen in San Francisco. I really am going to have to take you back and show you all of the things that I love about San Fran.

I can't believe that it has almost been 6 months since I left for my mission. I got my camera back this week (because I left it in my last area) and I was just looking through all of the pictures that I have taken. It really does feel like I have been out still for 3 months but you blink and all of a sudden you are at 6. Soon I will blink again and I will be done, but until then I plan to continue to work hard and keep moving forward. So what is Mandy's plan for when she gets to Arizona? I haven't heard from her in a couple of weeks because she has been busy moving, so I am not really in the loop on what's up. Tell Josh I say hi and that he is a stinker for not writing me back. Give the girls a big Valentine’s day hug for me and O'Malley. I accidently call Cloud O'Malley sometimes... it is kind of embarrassing. I love you forever.

Sister Kelliann Jensen

P.S I have attached Pictures of Cloud and Myself. :) I still don't have a way to charge my camera so these are from Sister Bullock. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy February!

Happy February to all of my amazing friends and family!!!

What a busy week of learning and growth!! It is crazy how busy we always are in Prairie Winds. One minute we are at one lesson and the next we are at another. We hardly ever have time to go knock on some doors, but I always try to make it my goal to talk to the people that we see on the street. I have learned so much this week that I feel like a different person every new day... and really this is how every week feels as a missionary. One week you can feel one way, and the next you have learned a months’ worth of information. It really brings a whole new meaning to the statement that "You are exactly who you need to be for the Lord this week, and you will be exactly who you need to be for the Lord next week". I am excited to see what this whole week will bring in my future, as well as in the future of my investigators.

So this week we had a crazy amount of stuff. Starting Tuesday, we had Zone Conference from 9am-4pm in which we talked about the addition of Facebook to our mission. We will be receiving authorization to start using Facebook sometime in the next two months, so keep an eye out for me on Facebook as well as other media sources such as blogs and Skype :). I will be posting uplifting messages and inviting people to learn more about the Gospel and how it's message and how it can and will bless their lives!! I won't, however, be communicating/chatting for personal reasons... that will be saved strictly for P-days and emails when I get to learn about what it going on in your wonderful lives.
Wednesday I went on my first exchanges in Prairie Winds. I have always enjoyed exchanges, as I always seem to learn exactly what I needed to. My STLs on my mission have helped me to identify faith expanding miracles that bring me closer to and understanding of just who I am.
Speaking of Faith, Just like last week, my study on Faith has continued and will be continuing. I am really starting to understand just how faith works in our lives, and how much Heavenly Father wants to bless us when we show our faith. Faith and miracles go together, but it is only after you show your faith that you receive that miracle, not before. As it says in the Bible Dictionary Miracles to not give us faith, but when we show our faith or loyalty to the Lord and willingness to do what He asks, we will receive the blessing that come from following that principle and become more solid in our faith. :) On Wednesday we also had our investigator, Morgan tell us that her mom gave her permission to be Baptized!!! She will be baptized on April 3rd!!! Such exciting news!! The work is moving forward!! We also had the opportunity this week to attend the baptism of two 8 years olds in our ward! It was very sweet to see them making this covenant with their Father in Heaven!

We also had Stake Conference this week, in which we learned about missionary work in both the temples and in our earthly lives. I am grateful for the understanding that we can receive by the spirit as we put ourselves into positions that allow us to feel it. I learned very specifically that it is okay to be homesick, but to know that one day I WILL be at home and I will be able to be with my loved ones and moving on in my life. A mission is just a small part of my life, but it is a part in which I get to really learn of my faith and devotion for the Lord. I am grateful for each of you!! Please know that I love you and that I hope that you take the time this week to learn and grow as you express a small amount a faith!!! I love you all!!

Sister Kelliann Jensen

Hi Mom!!!

I love the little hearts!! I haven't gotten my February package yet, but I am sure that I will soon :), So let me see what can I tell you about! So in Prairie Winds we have quite a lot of work. I mean each day practically fills itself. We have 8 different little neighborhoods that we cover in our Ward, and we live in Taradale with Sister Willicome and her animals Ramsie (dog) and Cloud (CAT). The neighborhoods are Taradale, Martindale, Falconridge, Castleridge, Skyview, Saddleridge, Redstone, and Coral Springs. When I first came into the area, I was a little overwhelmed because I was used to my little two areas in Evergreen, Evergreen and Woodlands... but I have learned to love them and am excited to keep learning the area. The other day I had the chance to have a lesson mostly in Spanish... and I barely understood any of it. It is really cool because we have like 8 Spanish families in our ward and one who is working on coming back to church. We had our lesson with them, and another family from Costa Rica came and helped us out. It was really cool to be able to understand their concerns and really I wasn't completely lost as I picked up on a few words and understood the basics of it before it was explained to us in English!! It think one of the coolest parts about serving in Calgary is that I will have the chance to stay in touch with my friends, ward members, and investigators when I am at home. It is really cool to be able to get to know them and know that really I am only a few hour plane ride or car ride away from them. It must be hard for Danny because Chile is so much farther away. Cloud is the cutest cat, however having her around is hard because sometimes I almost call her O'Malley and then I want to pick her up but she is not a fan of that and her name is not O'Malley. I accidentally left my camera in my last area, so I will be getting it mission mailed to me soon. I have had the hardest time with my camera, from losing the charger to leaving it in my last area... I am very glad that I did not bring my huge camera!! I also found out that I am allergic to Rabbits... one of our members had one and I pet it and picked it up. I washed my hands after but because Rabbits shed I had its fur all over me. I was itchy on my arms as well as my eyes for like two days... note to self, never get a rabbit. Of course the snow decided to drop on us this week after a nice couple of weeks, but it is supposed to be a nice 7 degrees on Thursday through the weekend. Good ol' Calgary. Oh and we have an investigators on date for April 3rd!!! So we are super excited about that. I am just rambling because I want you to know what is going on her in the EAST so if you have any questions let me know because I can't think of any more. I love you lots and hope that you are having a great week!! Also I worked at GCU from October of 2013-December of 2013 so I started again at Target in January. How is the Hawaii store coming? I will be going to Target today to take advantage of the clearance. Good luck with the flags... that sounds like no fun... Danny is lucky he has such and amazing mom… :P. Love you