Thursday, August 21, 2014

Last day in Arizona!

Yup, that's right today is my last day for 18 months in the good ol' AZ heat that I have grown to lovingly hate. Tomorrow we (the Jensen gang of three) head out for Utah to hang out with family and then to drop me off of Wednesday to the Provo MTC... CRAZY!!

Anyway, this last week has been full of plenty fun and wild antics... for instance O'Malley (my cat whom I am going to miss dearly) decided he wanted to be a fairy.
Yeah, he feels fabulous! 
Oh and Sunday was my big talk and open house! Both went well and I want to thank everyone that came out!! (I would post my talk but its like 7 pages long).
Lastly, I FINALLY finished packing!! Seriously that was probably the hardest thing to start doing. Once you pack it means you're actually leaving. Scary right.
Here is my life packed neatly away in two suitcases and a carry-on (the duffle is for travel to Utah)
Well Goodbye AZ. It's been fun while it's lasted but I believe I am ready for this new adventure of serving the Lord! Hope everyone has a good time while traveling back to school or work. Stay safe, I will miss you. 

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