Wednesday, October 15, 2014

General Conference and It's umm Thanksgiving?

Week of 9/28 – 10/5/2014

Mom and Dad;

10-5-2014  Today was actually quite an amazing day. I am learning to really love General Conference. It really testifies to me that God really does call these wonderful men to lead us in the Church. I have taken to watching Conference with a specific question in mind, and found that as I watched, I was able to find my answers through the witness of the Holy Ghost. In between sessions today, we met with a less active member named Amber and her husband Jerry who is a non-member. She taught me a wonderful lesson about truly being founded on Christ and not to think we are better because we are members of the church. And then when we went back for Conference, each talk was about having a foundation in Christ and trusting in the Prophets. I am really starting to love missionary work and this gospel. I love you all! Be safe in soul and body!

10-4-2014  Today was the Saturday session of general conference. If you didn’t watch it, you really need to because I gained so much insight today as I listened to the voice of our wonderful prophets and apostles. I love finding patterns in the way my life is going and in the conference. Something that has come up just about every day this week is fear no man. We should not be turned towards men, but through us man should see Christ and Heavenly Father. Mom, you said your next step would be reading the scriptures. This is awesome as I have really grown to because the words and insight I gain by reading them. You should go back and listen to President Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s talk from the Saturday 2nd session. I learned a lot from that talk, and it might give you some excitement to read your scriptures daily. Love you all so much. “Doubt your Doubt before you Doubt your faith!”

PS – We have this “Less Active” named Sister (redacted) who is inactive because of health. She hasn’t been able to watch conference for years because she doesn’t have TV, internet, etc… When we visited her last, I made it my personal goal to let her watch conference and we succeeded. Brother (redacted), a man in our ward, lent us an iphone and speaker so that she could watch it. When we went over to help her find the 2nd session, she said she felt like she was finally a part of the church again, and that she had never seen President Uchtdorf in motion before. It is so wonderful to be a missionary!

10-3-2014  So today was the big day of the family we are living with daughter’s wedding reception! After study time this morning, we went to the stake center to help set up. The theme was kind of a rustic meets elegancy theme and at first I wasn’t sure if I would be a fan of the twine and burlap but it turned out super nice! The way they did it actually causes me to rethink having my wedding reception in a stake center…but we have a while to think about that. I also got your first letter today along with one from several friends, and the girls. I love you all so much.

10-2-2014  I can’t believe it is already October! Today, the daughter of the member we live with got sealed in the Calgary Temple, which we had the wonderful opportunity to go to yesterday. Although small like the Brigham City, Utah temple, the feelings and thoughts you have while there are still marvelous. It is so weird as a missionary because you feel the spiritual responsibility from your calling that is hard to describe, but such a wonderful thing to have. You feel like you are constantly learning, constantly being helped and it is a wonderful thing? We had a Retrainers meeting today so every new missionary from all over came up to the Willowpark chapel, which means I go to see my companion from the MTC and all my other MTC missionaries. Super exciting day!

October 14th, 2014

Mom and Dad;

So remember how I said that Thanksgiving was on Saturday this week... well it was actually on Monday but that didn't stop us from getting three turkey dinners. Also on Sunday, we had a baptism. Technically Sister Rowan is not someone we can count, because she was an excommunicated member that was being rebaptized, but it was still cool to see. We taught the first lesson while she was getting dressed which is the Restoration. It was really cool to be able to say the Joseph Smith first vision my mermory and to feel the spirit that was in the room as I did so. Brother Rowan (who is not a member) was sitting in the first row just beaming with the spirit as if it was trying to work on him so hard... however he came up to us afterwards and was like thanks for the lesson "really informative"... we are still working on figuring him out. We are also working with Janet, and investigator from the Woodlands part of our territory. She has been kind of shut off to us for the past couple of weeks, but she is now coming and doing everything we ask her to do/come to, and she even came to church and the baptism on Sunday. Because yesterday was Thanksgiving, we wanted to do something special so we had a picnic with Janet and then we made some cookies and hand turkeys and "Gobbled" like 12 members houses. (We put the hand turkeys on their houses). Funny story about that... we where going to put a hand turkey on a members house and I had written on it "Happy Harvest... of souls D+C 4:4" which would have been cool if it had actually been the right house. Needless to say that member can now have a pretty interesting discussion with her neighbor. Oh well right!! Oh I also got a letter from Grandma this week which was really cool because I needed to get her address and low and behold there is was!! Also I got a letter and braclet, thank you Mandy, and a letter from the girls! Fridays are wonderful because I get to see all the great things that everyone has sent me!! I love you all and hope that this week has treated you well. I love getting emails from everyone and hope that you will sall stay safe, keep praying, and keep relying on the Lord. It is so weird to think that I have basically been out of Arizona for 2 months now! The weather has stayed nice here and I am really hoping that will continue because people have said that it is going to be a rough winter.

Have a great week!!


Sister Jensen


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