Monday, October 27, 2014

Showshoe Rabbits

Hi Daddy!
This week has been a bit better as I have been learning to recognize the spirit and the things that it is trying to tell me. I feel bad because as I was passing a members house on Saturday the thought accorded to me that maybe she needed help with putting up her Christmas village. However we didn't stop, just kept going to our next area. Then yesterday we went to church and I talked to her and she said she sure wished that she had someone to help her put her Christmas stuff up yesterday. I am not even sure why I asked about her Christmas stuff, but I do know that I had a spiritual prompting that I should have followed. Oh well, at least I recognized it and today we will be going to help her and have lunch with her. We had some pretty cool miracles this week. I was struggling on Thursday and I asked Sister Martin if she could pray for me and she prayed and asked that someone would call or help us to know what to do in the next few minutes. Of course when no one called I kind of got scared but then Sister Peters came through the door and immediately knew something was wrong and that we should call President. I called him and I will be meeting with the Family services to talk to them and see if they can help me decipher what is going on and how I can fix it. We think it might be anxiety, which wouldn't surprise me because of how worried I get about everything!! I will be glad to know what is going on and how I can fix it so that I can move forward.
We also had our primary program on Sunday!! I haven't seen a primary program in ages, and it was so cute to see all of the little children up on the stand that I have grown attached to.
We also bought pumpkins so that we can either paint them or carve them. I will have to send you pictures when we get them done, but your party looks like it was so much fun!! Did mom get a haircut??
I have been focusing on trying to be a little better this week and I feel like I might be getting somewhere. We have had some new investigators and lots of success in teach one of our investigators Janet!! She is on a soft date for baptism, as she needs to know that they Book of Mormon is true before she can really commit. We think that their might be more to it then that, but we will continue to work with her and pray to know what we can do.
The weather is starting to pick up and become more and more chilly this week. It was 2 degrees Celsius this morning which is about 35 degrees in the states. It honestly isn't too bad, as long as it is not windy I don't really have a problem with layering. On Halloween we will be going to the Babcock's to have dinner and hang out for the night. We are not allowed to be outside on Halloween because of the crazies, so we figured we would just hang out with awesome members instead. Overall a pretty good week. I will have to let you know if the Family Services people have anything to say and help me out. But I love you and miss you a ton and I am super sad that I was unable to see the girls for the pumpkin painting and the primary program. I hope all is well at home and that you have a super great week.
Love Sister Kelliann Jensen

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