Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Staying in Evergreen til the next Transfer

Hi Daddy!!
This week was full of turkey, my three month mark, transfer notices, and a lot of Hot Chocolate and good lessons. I will start with the turkey. I can now say that I have celebrated Christmas before Thanksgiving. On Wednesday, we had our Relief Society Christmas party. We had two investigators come to that, Janet and Marian. We had turkey (which was also slightly overdone… :P), salad, rolls (or buns as the Canadians call them), and some pretty great desserts. I played the guitar and sang a Primary Christmas song called "Who is the Child", Sister Martin and I came up with a new verse, and it went okay... I was kind of nervous. Our investigators had a lot of fun and even got to know some new people which is amazing for Janet. The next day was Thanksgiving and as you know we had dinner at the Babcock’s. I can now say that I have had brined Turkey... have you ever tried that?? Knuckle’s is the dog in the pictures, and he is just as crazy as O'Malley. I feel very grateful to have spent Thanksgiving with them and 5 other missionaries that I have grown to love and will miss dearly as they transfer, train, and go home. On Friday, we went to our recently re-baptized member Gillian's house, and ate Turkey soup (they are Canadian), and had a great 2 hour lesson with her husband Roy. He has never really been open to the gospel, and has an issue with Home Teachers, so we get to do a lot of teaching in their home. (Not to mention Gillian signs up to feed us practically every week). During this 2 hour lesson we talked about Christmas and the Priesthood, which he does have a problem with. He then came to church on Sunday because it was the 5th Sunday and he and his wife would not have to be separated. It could not have been a more perfect Sunday for him to come. Not only was the 3rd hour all about the ARP program, but the 3rd speaker in Sacrament was his fellow-shipper on... the Priesthood!!!! He answered and readdressed everything we spoke with him about on Friday. SOOO COOOLLL!!! We also had one more investigator come to church, Janet. Plus we picked Ben back up, whom we had passed off to the missionaries who live in his area, and Doug conquered most of his problem even without help!! Good week.

I can't believe that I have been out for three months already. Time certainly flies and drags all at the same time. Like just now I looked at the clock when I started writing this letter and I had 67 minutes left, now I have 32... I have no idea where the time went.

Transfer notices. So this week was what is known in the mission as Board week, which means that President deciding where and what needs to happen with his missionaries this transfer. We have 22 new missionaries coming in this week. 11 Sisters, 11 Elders. During Board week, calls go out throughout the week for things like trainers, leaders, and purges (which means that both missionaries in the area would be leaving) so Sister Martin and I were both on edge every time the phone rang. When we got to emails this morning we found out that Sister Martin will be going down South... and I will be getting a new companion. I feel very blessed to have started out in an area that is so much like home. Evergreen is like home away from home, and I am happy that I get to stay for at least another transfer. I was kind of scared because everyone thought I would be training, however the Lord knows me better and knows that I am not quite ready for that. I am excited to try my hand out in the Evergreen area without Sister Martin, but I will miss her and cherish the things that I have learned from her and the friendship that I have gained.

As far of Hot Chocolate goes, it is a very popular drink around here. I feel like I have it at least 5 times a week and Timmy's hot chocolate is the best. I will definitely be taking you to Tim Horton’s if you come up when I am finished with my mission. Although I am going to miss this transfer and the things that I have learned, I am excited to meet my new companion and start anew as a non-greeny. I love you lots!! Oh and also we are allowed to Skype on Christmas, so you should create a Skype so that we can do that.
Also the church has put out a new website called Christmas.mormon.org. They are doing a worldwide spread of what we call "He is the Gift" and the church will be doing a complete you tube ad takeover starting Dec. 7th and will be having 4 billboards in time square!!!! Exciting things are happening! Have a great week.

Love you forever,

Kelliann (Sister Jensen)

Hi Mom,
It looks like I will be staying in Evergreen for at least another transfer; however Sister Martin will be leaving down south... I am sad to see her go, but I look forward to starting over with a new companion which I will meet on Thursday. I really hope that I end up with one of my MTC roommates, Sister Milius, who actually sent me a letter on Sunday. She is in Medicine Hat, but her companion is training again, and so it is a possibility that she could be coming up North. Thanksgiving was super fun. The Babcock’s are wonderful people and I feel very blessed to know them and to have them in my area. They make holidays a little better because I can't be with you. As for the bangs, I had pulled them back that day because it is a pain in the mornings sometimes to do them ha, ha. And the dog’s name is Knuckles. He is quite the dork, and really is just like O'Malley in dog form. It has also been a great blessing to live in the Peters home. They are like family away from family. They have a son that has three little girls, just like Adelle, Millie, and Lucy, and a dog about the size of O'Malley. It really is as close to being at home as you can get when you are away.
Your Black Thursday sounds really crazy!!! I can't/can believe that Target has fallen into the consumer trap and is now opening on Thursday and it really breaks my heart that a holiday so based on family has been taken to the wayside by shopping. How is Adelina doing?? You should have her email me :) Also how is Stephanie Wood? I was going to ask for her email the other day, but I forgot.
It got crazy cold this week. -20 with a wind chill of -31. However, I appear to be adjusting just nicely. I think that I like the cold better then I like the warm. There are only so many layers you can take off when you can put as many as you want on. Plus I like sweaters... and scarfs...and all wintery things. I feel as though I have been placed in just the perfect place for me, and I know that Heavenly Father definitely knows me better than I do. I really can't believe that is has been three months already, especially when you compare these 3 months to 3 months of waiting to get out here which were the longest three months of my life. All of our investigators have come a long way in just one week. Each of them have overcome issue that I thought would have been a lot harder to over-come, and yet they did. Janet came to church this week. Marian came to the Relief Society Christmas party (which was the day before Thanksgiving), and Doug solved most of his problems by just doing the things that we asked him. Plus we had this amazing 2 hour conversation with an investigator name Roy who is the husband of our recently baptized member Gillian. We talked about a lot of things specifically Christmas and the Priesthood (which he still has a lot of issues with). Then he actually came to church on Sunday and the third talk was on the Priesthood given by none other than his friend-shipper, answering every single one of his questions from Friday!!! SOOOO COOOOLLLLL. The work is going well here in Evergreen. I am getting better and look forward for a new transfer with a new companion. I will be sending off your package this week for Christmas and it will probably contain every ones presents because I am not sure I have enough to send cards and presents all over the country. Say hi to every one for me!! I love you lots.

OH AND LOOK UP Christmas.mormon.org!!! It is a new Christmas message that the church is putting out to the whole world called He is the Gift!! Have a great week!!! I still haven't found me camera charger, but hope to do so when we pack up Sister Martin so I will send you some pictures soon.

Love Sister Kelliann Jensen

So, I'm Sister Hassan, I'm Sister Jensen's Sister Training Leader. :D
She just wanted me to send you this picture of us together. We ended up walking a lot on the day we went on exchanges and it was snowing, so we got pretty wet.
While I'm at it, I wanted to tell you how wonderful your daughter is. She is so sweet, and kind, and genuine and It's so easy to see the joy that she brings into the lives of others. Thank you so much for your sacrifice of sending her here. She is doing great, great things.

Sister Hassan

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