Monday, April 20, 2015

Getting some Spring in the Step!!!

Hello all;
Calgary has been full of Spring time this week!!! Expect for the random 4 degrees Celsius blizzard that happened during dinner on Tuesday, things have been going great!!! Sister Kendrick and I are really starting to push ourselves hard to be able to reach the goals that we have set for our area, and So far the Lord is really consecrating our efforts!! 
Miracles of the Week:
Sister Willicome had to go to Cardston for a couple of days this week, so we walked her dog Ramsey for a 2 days. We decided to take the opportunity to find someone new that we could teach. Before we went out, Sister Kendrick and I said a prayer that we would be able to find people that have been prepared and the first people that we found on the trail was a couple named Minal and Arun. They came up to us after asking which area we were coming from (the walking path extends from Saddletown past our area) and then Minal read our name tags. She was super interest and we scheduled an appointment for them on Sunday!! We went on Sunday. They are from East India and speak Hindu and are Hindi, but want to learn about Christianity. However, when Sister Kendrick and I were talking about the Book of Mormon the Spirit was soo strong that Minal committed to reading it even before we could ask her. It was so cool to see the spirit work on them and see the changes in the faces!!! They also will be coming to the ESL class on Friday and will be coming to church on Sunday!! It is very interesting working with a family that we have to start on Square One, but Sister Kendrick and I are so excited for them!!!
We have also found so many new potential people that we could pick up as Investigators. We have been focusing our attention of some Part Member families, and we have been able to find 4 or 5 potentials. We were sitting in a surprise lesson (I say surprise because we were going to visit a Less-Active member in the ward who moved to a different part of our area and she wasn't home but her daughter who is not a member was) and I couldn't help but noticing how much a difference the Gospel would make in her life. I was so proud of Sister Kendrick for being bold and straight up asking her if we could teach her. They will be leaving for Lebanon this week, but we will be teaching her when she gets back.
Sister Kendrick and I also spent 3 hours walking to and from Taradale to Coral Springs talking to people on the way and finding people while we were out. We were really tired after that.
Funniest Thing that Happened to Us:
On Thursday we had about 20 minutes before we needed to drive out to Skyview (it is about a 15 minute drive from Taradale) to go to our Missionary Correlation meeting with Brother Doig. We wanted to use the time, and I felt like we needed to go to see a slightly less-active members house. When we stopped by we learned that they were doing really well and that they planned on coming more to church as they knew that their new daughters health was going well. As we were there time quickly went from the 20 minutes that we had allotted to 45 minutes, however neither of us felt like we needed to leave. During this entire time we were sharing our message and getting to know them, their dog Dolly kept coming up for us to pet her or lick us. She was probably the softest dog ever. The mom kept telling her the entire time to go lay down or to get down and that it was rude, however secretly Sister Kendrick and I really enjoyed petting the dog.... A lot. When we got done we quickly called Brother Doig to apologize that we couldn't come and he said that it was alright. We then found out that his wife was just getting home, and we wouldn't have been able to go into the house anyway because it would have just been him and us. The family we visited also came to church on Sunday!!
I am really beginning to see what a difference this gospel and the Atonement make in the lives of those around me. It is an amazing feeling to have the Spirit of the Lord work through you and help you as you teach the Children of our Heavenly Father. I truly know that this church is true, that the Book of Mormon is true and that it is also evidence for us that we can know for ourselves if Christ's true church has been restored to the earth. I love you all and hope that you are having a marvelous week!!!!
Sister Kelliann Jensen  

Hi Dad!
I did notice the difference this week as a result of the Facebook and I am glad that we are on the same page. It is so much easier to feel the spirit when we are not distracted by the things that go on in the world, especially in my favorite parts of the world. I will not be checking my facebook like that again. Live and learn. It is always such a miracle for you with the Choir. It always makes me happy to hear that as you try your hardest to magnify your calling, the Lord consecrates your efforts!! I love you so much! Hope you are having a wonderful week!!

Love Sister Kelliann

Hi Mom!!
I really love the new bench!!! Sometimes I wonder what is going through people’s heads. But then again, I am really learning to love the peace that comes from centering our lives and families on Jesus Christ! I have seen the difference that it makes in the lives of others and my own life!! I just sent off my third edition of Family Letter Evening! It is kind of a fun way to make sure that I write every week (which has been hard for me) and also allows me to follow the council of the Prophet. Thank you for the dress!! I really love it and in the words of Sister Kendrick "it fits like a glove"!!! We have been having really wonderful weather this week!! It has been about 10 degrees Celsius all week which is about 52 degrees in the States. I haven't even had to wear a coat for most of the week!!! or Sweater. We are working hard here in Prairie Winds and I am specifically working on building my Faith in the Lord and my life around my Savior. I have realized that I am just so much more happy when I can just look at life through the Gospel then through the world. There is so much more peace and it really is like I am offering people an $100 dollar bill as I walk around. We found two new investigators this week!! I will be telling you all about them in my mass email!! I love you so much!! Thank you for everything that you do for me. I will be sending out your mother's Day package soon!! Have a great week!! Don't let the world get you down!! Oh and have you and dad gotten to go to the Phoenix temple since it opened?


Sister Kelliann

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