Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I'll be what you want me to be!

What a great week!!
Hello Everyone!!!
So we are now all settled in and ready for the rest of the transfer in our new place at the Shaw's. I am very grateful that Heavenly Father has helped me to adjust well to my new area as well as to all of the changes that are taking place. Did I tell you last week about everything that is going to happen in this mission soon?? So this transfer is only a 5 week transfer. Usually they are 6 weeks, but because of the mission president switch, we will be transferring a week early so that president can get everything settled before the new mission president arrives. President Nicholas goes home of July 1st (Canada Day, the Canadian 4th of July) and our new mission President comes out on the 3rd. This transfer 25 new missionaries will be coming out to this mission. Then we will have a 7 week transfer and the next transfer 50 missionaries go home and 50 new missionaries come out.... CRAZY. That means about 25% of our mission (including mission president) will be changing within the next 3 months. I am excited to see how this changes the mission.
Highlights of this week!!
Exchanges: Exchanges in the south are very strange... I am used to exchanging at around 8:30 at night and then back right before or after dinner the next day. However, our Sister Training Leaders live about an hour and a half away from us in Taber, so we exchanged at 10 in the morning to about 10 in the morning the next day so that we could all be at home on time. I stayed in Medicine Hat this time with Sister Hernandez-Alfaro. It is kind of cool because she actually started her mission in Medicine Hat 5th ward and is now over the sisters in the 5th ward for her last 3 months of her mission. We had a good exchange but the best part was really understanding how we needed to help our investigator Lori. I have a huge testimony that the Lord places His missionaries exactly where they are needed. Now that I have been about for a little over 9 months now, I can see and have seen many correlations between things that happened in the beginning of my mission and things that have happened now. People that I have worked with have been easier to help because I have an understanding of their trails, or I have seen how an experience helped me to change through the Atonement to prepare me for the things that I experience here.
The best part about it is that Sister Allard and I were able to help Lori and for the first time since we started teaching her she finally came to church!!!
Sister Allard and I have been talking a lot lately about how we can help our area and our investigators. The people that we are teaching are progressing nicely towards their goals, however we are looking to increase our teaching pool that we might be able to continue to find those that have been prepared. We are working and finding ideas that will help not only us but the ward as well to increase their missionary mindedness so that the work will continue as the missionaries leave.
I don't really have much else to report for the week. Sometimes Heavenly Father really places in front of you the person that He wants you to become. It is scary and amazing to think that the Creator of the Universe knows exactly who we are, who we can become and what we are capable of if we just accept His Son and trust that He knows us better. I am grateful for this knowledge as I have grown an overcome through my Savior. I love you all and hope that you are enjoying your week!!! We are going to a butterfly farm today for P-Day so I will send more pictures next week.    
Sister Kelliann

Hi Dad;

It is in the moments when you are home alone that Mom and I know that you really do like O'Malley!! That is a really cool impression. I am excited to see what happens with it!! You really have been the choir director for too long (and you do an amazing job at it, but maybe Heavenly Father wants you so become something even better). Did I ever tell you about the time that I was studying and I thought "President will be at District Mtg" and I got there and he was there. He has never been to another one since... I have been getting the impression lately that Heavenly Father really needs me to step it up and be a true disciple and leader for Christ. It can be scary to think about but I really do know that He knows us better.

Remember when I told you that I don't want to be a leader and that I don't like it. And then you told me that I needed to except and do the things that the Lord has asked of us. Well... I see now that that is true. I just need to trust in the Lord and do the things that He prompts me to do. I might not like it, but I know that He will help me to except it. I love you!! Thank you for being an amazing example to me. By the way. Mom has been reading the Book of Mormon lately... how is she doing on that? I know that she updated me last week, but I hope that she has continued to do so. Also the Stake President in my ward has extended a monthly goal that I was to extend to you as well. Pray about and seek for an opportunity in which you can serve someone this month. I love you!!!

SIster Kelliann

Hi Mom!!!

Yes I did get the email about how Medicine Hat got its name!! That is kind of cool, and I hope that I get to City Hall so that I can get a picture of that wall. Dad also sent me a story that was a little different ha ha, it is kind of cool to hear those Legends and I will have to see what else I can hear while I am here. Being in Medicine Hat is kind of cool. We live at the bottom of Medicine Hat, and our Zone goes all the way to a place called Elk Water Park which is basically the boarder of Saskatchewan. It also goes out to basically the work mill call Brooks which is a place where many people go for work that are immigrating into the country. We have a lot of members in the small part of town that we live in. The ward boundaries are tiny, and we often find ourselves walking a lot, but we really enjoy it and it is certainly different from the last areas that I have worked in. We will be doing a lot more working with the members so that we can increase the work that we have here. We are not sure how long we will be living with the members that we are now. It will probably be for the summer, but really as soon as Bishop Fleming has his basement free we will be moving in there. The Shaw’s are really big on being healthy. She went to a school in Thailand for teaching yoga, and she does a free yoga class every Tuesday at our church. Your wreaths look really good!! I really like the one that you did for Grandma and of course Tammy's is orange!! I am very grateful for the power of prayer. Grandma is amazing and I hope that she will continue to recover quickly, but it really does sound like she is. I wish that they had done the surgery sooner, but better late than never. I will be sending you one of my SD cards for my camera. It accidentally made is so that I couldn't look at things of the camera but you can still look at things on the computer. I have another SD card that I brought so I just switched it out for the other half of my mission. I love you so much!! Things are going to get pretty crazy here for a little while. So many new missionaries!!! I love you lots!!! Tell everyone that I say Hi!

Sister Kelliann

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