Monday, June 29, 2015

The week that Loves America and Canada

We just received a phone call from the Mission President's wife. Kelliann was at a church function and fell backwards and broke her wrist. They think it is her left wrist, but weren't sure. The orthopedic surgeon is evaluating her now to determine the best course of action. More when we know more.

Happy Fourth of July!!! AND CANADA DAY!!!! (July 1st!!)
Where did the month of June go? I really can't believe it, but hey so is the life of a missionary!! This week has been full of ups, downs, and all arounds!! We have had quite the adventure this week and I hope that we will be able to continue to have successes in the week to come!!
Many of you have asked if I am doing cooler then you... I am going to have to say the answer to that question is no!! It is true when they say that Medicine Hat is the sunniest place in Canada... we have been getting into the 100s down here!! I really feel like the Lord has blessed me though because when most people are saying that it is really hot, my reaction is "well I have been in worse"!! Especially when we are going to walk a lot more in the next coming months! So... I FEEL FOR YOU ARIZONIANS!
 Highlights of the week....
We had the opportunity this week to serve at a wedding!! This is the 3rd wedding that I have had the privilege to help out at, and I must say that I enjoy them immensely. On Friday we decorated the Gym with the help of the Relief Society presidency and Bishop. The relief society made these awesome flower things that we put up everywhere and we had Tar Paper that Sister Fleming found online. We put it over the sound thingies on the side of the gym and then colored the words that were on them with chalk. It is always fun to help out and I really enjoy it. On Saturday at the wedding Sister Allard and I helped more by chopping lettuce, cutting Puff Wheat squares and Rice crispy treats and more!! This wedding was for a less-active and part member of the church, and it is really awesome to see what service does for the softening of the hearts of others.
Next Highlight... Dog stories!!
As Sister Allard and I were finishing up the night on Saturday, we drove around a corner that we don't normally drive and saw a dog that was bouncing around and roaming into every nook and cranny. We decided to go and help find his owner. He had a collar on but not a tag so as we knocked doors no one seemed to know whose dog he was. We said a prayer and knocked on the next door. A guy answered and didn't know who's dog he was but decided to help us by getting him some water. Then his wife opened the window and said that it was the dog of a neighbor a couple of doors down. So off we went and tried to find the owner with no luck with the houses a coupe of doors down. The dog was really friendly... however because it was a pit bull it was stronger then me and liked to roam so I let it go and it ran after a rabbit a little ways off ahead of us. We kept walking to catch up with it and then we saw this lady walking toward us. She asked us if it was our dog, but when we said that we didn't know whose dog it was she decided to put him in her back yard. We exchanged numbers and thanked her for everything. As we were walking back to our car, another car pulled up next to us and asked us if we had seen a dog... so back we went to the ladies house and got the dog for them. Only did we find out that this dog was a she named Sarah and it had jumped a 6 foot fence... again... to go out and roam. Crazy!!! The most crazy part about it was when we finally got back to our car, we saw in front of us the car that had picked up the dog and they pulled into the house of one of our less-actives!!!!! SUCH A TENDER MERCY!!!!!
That is really all of the exciting news so far. We had dinner with a less-active family and the Spanish elders last night. It was really nice to be able to get to know them and their concerns. I love you all. All of our investigators are kind of in a holding pattern right now, we are working on helping them continue to progress as we get used to the new ward mission leader and how we can help our ward. I hope that you all enjoy you week!! Happy CELEBRATION of whatever country you are in right now week!!!
Sister Kelliann Jensen

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