Monday, September 14, 2015

A wonderful week of conferences

Hello All!
What a week. Especially when it comes to the conferences! I totaled an amount of 4 conferences this week and I am a little conferenced out. We had zone conference on Tuesday, and then on Thursday night we drove out to Lethbridge and on Friday had a conference with Elder Martino ( Then on Saturday night we had Stake Conference and again on Sunday! Many a conference!
 This week was actually really fantastic! We picked up two new investigators this week. Remember last week I told you about the lady that came to church without us asking her to or us thinking that she would? Well we took her on a church tour this Tuesday and she is now wanting to be baptized and learn more about the church! She is so cool! Her name is Cathy and she has a daughter named Mikyia and has been coming to church all this month! We also picked up an investigator named Ruby! She is so cute and is the neighbor of Leo and Marie and member in our ward. They have been working with her for quite some time now and we just picked her up this week!
 Gerald is doing super well! We had the chance to call him after our two conferences this week driving home from Lethbridge and invited him to think about what the spirit was telling him to do and what Heavenly Father wanted him to do as the weekend unfolded. He came out to every event of the weekend, including the Meet the Mormon's night in the Kin Coulee (Park), both sessions of General Conference and Bible Study. When we asked him he said that he felt like this was the right thing for him to do after every event, and when he came to bible study he told us that he couldn't explain it but that he had had the best day ever! He is doing so well!
This week we have another great community event called the Clothing give-away. The whole community of Medicine Hat is invited so the Stake Relief Society has asked Sister Cunningham and me to be there all day Friday and Saturday... let’s just say that I spent this morning during our cleaning time going through my clothing and seeing what I could donate! It should be a great opportunity! Well that is the scoop for the week. We have lots of appointments this week that we are super excited about! I hope that you all have just a great or even better week! I love you!

I am almost out of time, But I love you all and will promise to tell you more next week! Just as busy!
Sister Jensen

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