Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Transfer to the North Country

Hello all,
Okay... so NOT what I expected to happen this week, but today we got our transfer notices and I will be leaving to the North of the mission... :(. Sad day. However, don't get me wrong. I trust that Heavenly Father has a different plan for me. I don't know what yet, but I know that if I continue in faith and ask when things get hard, that my Savior will provide the strength that I need. Okay so on from sad news, let’s talk about the great things going on here in Medicine Hat.

 Gerald is ON DATE!!! OCTOBER 10TH! We are super excited for him, as well as the rest of the ward. It gets a little rough when Gerald is on date. Things start to go from good to bad and he starts to freak out, so we have been focusing on increasing his faith in the Savior. He had a bit of a freak out moment this past week, but is doing okay. I trust that he will continue to progress to his date.
 Let’s see other things that happened this week. We had quite the busy week I must say. After P-day on Monday, things just kept getting busier. We had a lesson with Cathy this week and are excited to teach her and her daughter. She goes in for her last week of treatment this week, so we hope that everything goes well. We also had splits this week that consisted of me going to see the Rodriguez family and Sister Cunningham going to see a potential! I love seeing the hand of the Lord in other people's lives and how they are being prepared. It really is so cool. The potential that we saw has actually had an aunt tell her to read the Book of Mormon and wants to keep meeting with us! I love this work and the difference that it makes in the lives of others.
 We also had the Stake Clothing Give-Away this week. The Stake relief society presidency wanted us to be there the entire time so we helped them set up from 2-8 on Friday and ran the give-away from 9-3 on Saturday. It was like working retail all over again!!! It was so cute because we had member that were shopping for us the entire time and would make us try clothing on, but the best part was being able to help people find free clothing that they stood in need of. We actually got to help a lesser active lady find some clothes as well as an investigator from Rosemary find some skirts for her first time at church on Sunday. AND SHE CAME! It was a great event, and one that would go over well in other places as well!

Speaking of Sunday, Sister Cunningham and I had the chance to play a flute and piano duet in Sacrament Meeting. We played the same duet that Sister Kendrick and I played a couple of months back, Sister Cunningham on the Flute and me on the Piano. It is always nice to bring the spirit in the meeting, and then after the sacrament meeting, Sister Parker (the Stake Young Women's President) asked us if we would be willing to play for the youth fireside that night as well. It was a great time and I am so proud of Sister Cunningham and am going to miss her way too much.

Well other than a flat tire and a couple of other awesome things that was pretty much our week! I love you all and hope that you are continuing in faith. REMEMBER IT IS OKAY TO HAVE QUESTIONS! Just continue forward with faith and I promise that the Lord will provide in time. I love you!!!

Sister Jensen

Medicine Hat District! 

Left to Right Sister Cunningham, Me, Elder Henry (only been out for a month), Elder Malais (District Leader) (going home on Friday, served with him when I first came out), Elder Johnson (training Elder Henry, came out with me, broke my wrist, and we have now spent 9 months of our missions together), Elder Peci (he is from Croatia and will begin training a new missionary this transfer). 

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