Monday, September 28, 2015

Back in Calgary

Hello Everyone!!! 

So this week has been CRAZY!!!!! Seriously, you wouldn't think that you would adjust so quickly to being in a small area in a small town.... but you really do. When we came into Calgary coming up for transfers I honestly freaked out a little bit because of how big it was.... and it was honestly a little scary being back on Calgary high ways... but I have gotten used to it. So I have gone from my tiny little hour across by foot Medicine Hat area... to a much different situation here in Calgary. If you have already looked at the pictures that I have sent, you know that my new companion is Sister Kolodisi!!! She is awesome and has been out for about 16 months now, so there is a good possibility that I could be her last companion. This is most likely my last area as well and I am going to work hard to make it better then it is now! Sister Kolodisi is from Fiji! So now I have had one companion from North Carolina, one from Arizona, one from Texas, two from Utah, one from Quebec and one from Fiji!!! She speaks English really well now and it is pretty funny because we remember when I was serving in the Foothills with my greenie buster Sister Gardner and both Sister Gardner and her companion were going home, so we spent a day together. I remember telling her that we would be companions together...!!!!!!! 

Okay so now for the news that you are dying to hear (okay maybe not, but I was dying to hear it all Thursday!). When we came up north, which was a super sad but exciting time, we came back to the Transfer station with everyone that was waiting for a companion from the South. The way that Transfers work is that everyone who is getting transferred in the North goes to the transfer station at 9 and then everyone that is going South gets in a van and drives down. Those of the North people that are waiting to get their companion from the south get paired up with another missionary for the day until around 3 o'clock when those coming from the south come up and we meet at the chapel. We then go in for another transfer meeting and get told where we are going and who we are with. Okay big news! I am now serving in the Calgary South Zone with Sister Kolodisi. I serve in the Mahogany ward AND the Auburn Bay ward!!! Two wards!!! Man am I going crazy! So many people to get to know and so much work to do, especially when both wards are so different. I have been praying all week that I will receive the confirmation about why I am here, and I know that I am here because in my last area we worked hard to get member missionary work going and the work going, and that is what Sister Kolodisi will be doing these next few transfers. 

So this is considered South EAST Calgary. I have now served in South West, North East and now South East, so that is pretty exciting. I am back with the Willow Park Sisters as my STLs which is pretty cool, and most of my zone is NOT from Utah. We have an elder from Ireland too! Let’s see what else happened this week. So, Mahogany ward is one of the wards I am serving in now and it is pretty awesome. Their ward starts at 9 o'clock and then we have ward council with them and then we have to book it to Cranston building which is about 15 minutes away for Auburn Bay ward which starts at 1! YAY 7 HOURS OF CHURCH I LOVE IT! (well, I am getting used to it, but I want to be able to love it.) This week Auburn Bay ward didn't have ward council but on normal Sunday's we will be going on splits to each ward, we will both come to Mahogany ward for the start and then one of us will go with a member on a split to Auburn Bay ward council and stay until the ward starts and the one in Mahogany will join when ward council gets out... kind of crazy I know! We are the only missionaries in our zone who has to go to two different buildings for church, but it is an adventure and we get twice the amount of work done so that is good. We just got a new ward mission leader in the Auburn Bay ward! Good luck keeping everything straight because I haven't figured it out yet. I love you all!! Have fun watching General Conference this week! It is an amazing experience and I am grateful I had the chance to watch the woman's broadcast this week. I love you all!!! 

Sister Jensen 

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