Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Happy Early Canadian Thanksgiving

Hello All!!! Happy Early Canadian Thanksgiving and late Conference Week! 

I don't have a lot of writing time right now but I wanted to let you all know that things are going well in the Canada Calgary mission. 

We are being very blessed and although it can be stressful at times to work in two wards, we always have something that we can be doing. 

We had a ton of miracles here this week! 

This week we celebrated Sister Kolodisi's birthday with Pancakes and then on Friday we had a great day. It started off with meeting a new investigators Erin! She was just walking on the street and we contacted her and turns out she grew up with members, going to church and Sunday dinners!!! YAYAYA!!! We are going to be going back this week and hope that we can start teaching her the lessons! We also went to a Less-ACTIVES house who then said that she was going to watch conference. The spirit was so strong that both Sister Kolodisi left that place on a spiritual high with smiles and happy dances. I know that our Savior is there to help and guide us. We also has a cool miracle with a less-active that our Bishop told us to go see. We went and contacted her and she wasn't home, so we went a street over to contact another person only to realize that we still had another family to contact on the street we were just on. As we went back we prayed that we would be able to get a hold of them and talk to everyone we met. As we went to knock at the door, we realized that the first less-active that we had tried to contact was just coming out of her house to get more groceries and so we mustered up our courage and went and talked to her. She said that she wasn't interested but that she was going through a hard time so we gave her our number and left. We were pretty happy with that miracle, but later in the day she then texted us and told us that although she wasn't sure that she was interested, she missed having the spirit in her home and wanted to have us over for dinner!!! We then also saw her today when we were shopping at Walmart! so cool! 
Later that night we went and saw Hugo a less-active and his nonmember wife Maribella. We took Sister Vincent with us a ward missionary and actually got to talk to Maribella. They said that they would come to General Conference and then came to a session!! We are hoping that this week we can teach them a little bit more especially about temples and that we can help Maribella as well! 

General Conference was amazing! I really felt the spirit testifying to me and I am grateful for the chance that we had to experience three new apostles being sustained. I know that our Heavenly Father wants us to be happy and that as part of His plan he sent his Son to Atone for us. I love you all and hope that you have a great week! !


Sister Jensen 

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