Monday, November 3, 2014


Hi Mom!!

This week was actually a lot better than weeks in the past. I had some pretty cool realizations and I am feeling better. I didn't get to talk to family services last week, but they actually called this morning so it will be nice to talk to them and see what they suggest and what to do in case it comes back. Really all I can do it hope and pray for the best, and work as hard as I can knowing that the Lord's will is better then mine. I can't believe how truly Prideful I have been. I was really only thinking of myself, instead of thinking about others, and when I realized that (during a scripture reading with one of our investigators) and started applying it, our week went realllyyy well!!!! It is amazing how much easier it is to listen to the spirit when you actually are willing to do what the Lord wants you to do. Some days I find that I am not doing that as on other days, and when I am not the day is not as good. So that was kind of neat really. I also figured out on Monday that I truly have been saved time and time again by the Lord. During high school as you know, my priority wasn't ever on church. It was always on Band, what can I do for band, what else can I do at school, and I realized that as I did that, I was brought further and further away from the Heavenly Father, only to be brought back to Him by one conversation and one relationship that really turned me around and brought me back. It was actually when I was dating Kyle. We had a conversation one day about if he believed in God and it was really only a two minute conversation, but when it happened and he said not really, it really struck me hard. I don't know if you remember when I was trying to decided to break up with him and I felt like I had to sooo bad but I know that I didn't want to... that was the kind of stress that I was feeling for the past couple of weeks, and I realized now that it was the Spirit clearly telling me that I wasn't doing the Lord's will and that I needed to turn around and reevaluate. As soon as I broke up with Kyle I felt better, as soon as I realized how I was being prideful, I felt better. It might come with the anxiety as well, but I definitely feel better, and credit all of this to the Lord. I don't know why He needs me out here when I have only been back in church for really a year and a half, and really no one in their right mind would go out when they have only been back for that long, so I know that for some reason, unknown to me, I am needed here, and I just need to keep working everyday to be a little better.

I am so glad that you got to go through the Phoenix open house!!!! It sounds sooooo pretty!!! I was told the other day that the Cardston temple is just like the Mesa temple. It was built by the same person who built the Mesa temple and the Hawaii temple, and none of them have the Angel Moroni on them!!

Oh speaking of Angel Moroni! Last Monday we carved pumpkins and I carved the Angel Moroni! It was kind of funny actually. I didn't take a picture but they are still outside so I might still have to. Also this week we had Zone Conference on Thursday. I had a pretty cool revelation regarding why Sister Martin was my companion, and I realized that it is because she is so quite and patient. I needed that time to think and mull things over in my head so that I could learn and gain my own testimony and become closer to Heavenly Father. If I hadn't gone through the stress I didn't, I would never have spent so much time thinking and wondering and pondering everything that I thought I knew. So really it was a great blessing. Also, on Wednesday (sorry out of order) we had probably one of the best days that I have had on my mission. We met with both Janet, one of our investigators who is on date, and Ben who is another investigator. Ben is from Lebanon and has this great love for the Lord. He is illiterate; however we got him the Book of Mormon on tape. We met with him at the McGills home, some members in the ward who are converts themselves (we actually had dinner with them last night), and by the middle of the lesson, I felt so strongly that we needed to ask him to be baptized. What was really cool though was that even before I asked him to be baptized he said himself that he would be baptized!!! So cool. And actually Sister Martin and I both felt like we needed to get him on date for Novemeber 22. So he is now on date and we are working with him to get him to stop smoking!!

Friday was Halloween and it was actually really nice out. Most people say that it has already started snowing before Halloween, and it was like 18 degrees Celsius. We made cute little candy corn cards for members and met with Janet and had dinner with the Babcocks and the YSA Elders and Sisters.

Saturday was really nice because we went on exchanges again. I stayed this time in evergreen with Sister Hassan. She is one of the new STLs, and she is amazing. It is so crazy but we are basically on the same brain wave because we kept saying the same thing at the same time. It was kind of a scary day because I was in charge, and quite the humbling day because I realized how much I have to do to be ready for when I am not being trained. Oh and remember how I said that it was nice on Halloween, well the next day it rained and then snowed.... so that heat didn't last very long. It is supposed to be about 5 today, so that was pretty nice.

Yesterday was daylight savings time. So it is now 11 o'clock here. It was quite the weird experience, because it is something that I have never had to do before.

Josh's new lab sounds adorable, and Millie!!!! I can only imagine the look on Leah's face when that happened!! I am sure she looks adorable and that she now matches your amazing new haircut. OH AND I GOT YOUR NOVEMEBER PACKAGE ON THURSDAY!! I love everything in it!! Thank you so much!!! As far as Christmas goes, I was thinking a new CTR ring, maybe some Maxi skirt, and whatever. I don't really need anything/want anything but then again I never really say that I want much on Christmas. I love you soo much and am thankful everyday for you!!

Your loving Daughter Sister Kelliann Jensen


Hi Daddy!!

This week was actually a lot better. I sent mom a pretty detailed letter about what happened, but I only have about 60 minutes left and 8 emails to go through still. Thank you so much for the kind words. I have learned so much about myself these past few weeks, and I know that although I have a long road ahead, I can do it through the strength that the Lord provides. Why in the world did they rename the college of business Jerry Colangelo.... I thought Ken Blanchard was the main guy over there?? So on Halloween we had this wonderful meal with the Babcocks. He went on his mission to Germany, so we had a dish called Rouladin which is basically a pickle and onion, wrapped in meat, wrapped in bacon!!! It was soo good and along with it we had Kanoodle!!! Which is a potato dumpling. Also yesterday we had Yorkshire pudding at the McGill's house, which is also amazing.

I want to tell you about a wonderful experience I had the other day. I have told you in the past about Sister Burfeild and how we got her the iphone so that she could watch General Conference. Well on Wednesday I felt like we needed to go see Sister Burfield. When we got there, she sounded like she was doing so much better, because she had gotten a lot more sleep. When we talked with her, we brought up 1 Nephi 3:7 (which has become my scripture) and she was like "oh my goodness that is exactly what I have been struggling with for the past year". She didn't know that that was what she had been struggling with until the day before and us coming over and saying it again was like a second nail being hammered in. We invited her to pray to know with all her heart exactly what Heavenly Father's will was for her and when we went back on Friday to deliver a Halloween card, we learned that she had received her answer and that she was doing so much better. I also suggested that she try writing out her negative thoughts and then writing out her positive thoughts right next to them and she called us later and told us that that was exactly what she needed. Doing missionary work is really cool when you get to see people change and become better right before your eyes. It might be hard, and I might go through things I never thought I would have to deal with, but I know that I am hear for some reason, even if I don't know what that reason it. I love you so much. Your words have been a great help for me as I remember them and see how strong you have become. Thank you so much for your support Dad. It means a lot knowing that I have you to help and that I know that we have a Heavenly Father as well how knows us so perfectly. Thank you again!!



Sister Kelliann Jensen

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