Sunday, November 16, 2014

Snail Mail and Photo's

Week of October 17th


Dear Mom & Dad,

     Oct 17th – Can you tell that I have been having a hard time remembering to write…oops, sorry. I will try to be better! Today was a pretty awesome day! It started off kind of rocky, but I am learning to place my trust and faith in the Lord and growing in my knowledge of his atonement. Oh, so I got your package today! I love my duct tape rose pens. Mandy has been emailing me about them! And funny story, I saw a girl eating one of those caramel corn cob things the other day and I thought “Oh, I Love those, they remind me of Grandma and Mom” and then, poof, there they were in my package! Way to listen to the spirit! I meet so many people here that I am learning to love and know that I will miss when I leave the Evergreen area. Good thing I can invite 10 special people from my mission to my farewell ceremony when I head out! Oh, so yesterday was transfer day. Usually they happen the 6th week instead of the 5th, but they changed it for this transfer. We got a new district leader, and a new zone leader, and two new sister training leaders. The weather has stayed pretty nice here but it is supposed to snow by Halloween…we aren’t allowed to be outside that day.


Oct 18th – Today was a bit of a harder day. I think because I hold myself to such high standards that I don’t want to disappoint and always feel like I am. That is something I am working on, but it will be a long process. I always feel like when a lesson falls through it is because of me…all of our lessons fell through today so I really felt down. Sister Martin had a bad cold and got a priesthood blessing today which was cool because I have never had/seen a sick blessing so I didn’t know what it was like. Tomorrow is Sunday so that should really be good. Overall it was another good day on the mission. Oh, we made pies with Brother Brown again which was fun. I really like talking to his wife Michiko. They remind me of Kent and Mitsue. Love you always.


October 19th – Happy Birthday! I mean Sabbath; sorry it is kind of late over here. Anyways, today was a pretty good day full of some pretty great miracles. I feel like every time I am feeling down, the Lord always picks me back up… When we were on our way back home today we got a voicemail from a great member who is one of the most faithful people I have ever met. She call us and just told us how she felt like she needed to call us back and let us know that the Lord is aware of, and loves us, and he know what we are doing for him. Also, one of Sister Martin’s recent converts texted and told her that he was praying for God to touch her with his healing power…we never told him she was sick. It is amazing the little miracles you see every day as a missionary.

October 20th – Happy P-day! Today was a great p-day! I can already tell that this is going to be such a wonderful transfer. I love all of our new missionaries in this area. Sisters Harris and Hassan are our new sister training leaders. They are both amazing. Sister Harris was in the Evergreen area as her baby area and now she is back as a sister trainer in the YSA ward. Sister Hassan was a drama major before she came out here, and she is so great. We actually sang and played the piano for part of P-day and it was amazing. It was a really good day. We didn’t get to email because the computers were down at the library, but we should email tomorrow. We also made granola bars during P-day, and had a great time visiting with all the new people to our zone. I hope you had a good day too.

October 26th – Happy Sunday! Tomorrow is my two month mark on a mission. Can you believe that? We also got our new planners and I realized that November 27th is not only Thanksgiving, but my 3 month mark as well. Pretty crazy! So as far as work goes, things are picking up here in Evergreen. We actually had our first “first lesson” together as a companionship today. He is from China. He doesn’t really believe in God, but we in invited him to read Alma 32 and to pray about it. Also, we taught YW today on Christ like service. I have never taught a Sunday school class before my mission, so it amazes me how much I have grown. I picked up a personal progress book at the distribution center and will be working towards that throughout my mission. It has been a great week. I love you!


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