Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy February!

Happy February to all of my amazing friends and family!!!

What a busy week of learning and growth!! It is crazy how busy we always are in Prairie Winds. One minute we are at one lesson and the next we are at another. We hardly ever have time to go knock on some doors, but I always try to make it my goal to talk to the people that we see on the street. I have learned so much this week that I feel like a different person every new day... and really this is how every week feels as a missionary. One week you can feel one way, and the next you have learned a months’ worth of information. It really brings a whole new meaning to the statement that "You are exactly who you need to be for the Lord this week, and you will be exactly who you need to be for the Lord next week". I am excited to see what this whole week will bring in my future, as well as in the future of my investigators.

So this week we had a crazy amount of stuff. Starting Tuesday, we had Zone Conference from 9am-4pm in which we talked about the addition of Facebook to our mission. We will be receiving authorization to start using Facebook sometime in the next two months, so keep an eye out for me on Facebook as well as other media sources such as blogs and Skype :). I will be posting uplifting messages and inviting people to learn more about the Gospel and how it's message and how it can and will bless their lives!! I won't, however, be communicating/chatting for personal reasons... that will be saved strictly for P-days and emails when I get to learn about what it going on in your wonderful lives.
Wednesday I went on my first exchanges in Prairie Winds. I have always enjoyed exchanges, as I always seem to learn exactly what I needed to. My STLs on my mission have helped me to identify faith expanding miracles that bring me closer to and understanding of just who I am.
Speaking of Faith, Just like last week, my study on Faith has continued and will be continuing. I am really starting to understand just how faith works in our lives, and how much Heavenly Father wants to bless us when we show our faith. Faith and miracles go together, but it is only after you show your faith that you receive that miracle, not before. As it says in the Bible Dictionary Miracles to not give us faith, but when we show our faith or loyalty to the Lord and willingness to do what He asks, we will receive the blessing that come from following that principle and become more solid in our faith. :) On Wednesday we also had our investigator, Morgan tell us that her mom gave her permission to be Baptized!!! She will be baptized on April 3rd!!! Such exciting news!! The work is moving forward!! We also had the opportunity this week to attend the baptism of two 8 years olds in our ward! It was very sweet to see them making this covenant with their Father in Heaven!

We also had Stake Conference this week, in which we learned about missionary work in both the temples and in our earthly lives. I am grateful for the understanding that we can receive by the spirit as we put ourselves into positions that allow us to feel it. I learned very specifically that it is okay to be homesick, but to know that one day I WILL be at home and I will be able to be with my loved ones and moving on in my life. A mission is just a small part of my life, but it is a part in which I get to really learn of my faith and devotion for the Lord. I am grateful for each of you!! Please know that I love you and that I hope that you take the time this week to learn and grow as you express a small amount a faith!!! I love you all!!

Sister Kelliann Jensen

Hi Mom!!!

I love the little hearts!! I haven't gotten my February package yet, but I am sure that I will soon :), So let me see what can I tell you about! So in Prairie Winds we have quite a lot of work. I mean each day practically fills itself. We have 8 different little neighborhoods that we cover in our Ward, and we live in Taradale with Sister Willicome and her animals Ramsie (dog) and Cloud (CAT). The neighborhoods are Taradale, Martindale, Falconridge, Castleridge, Skyview, Saddleridge, Redstone, and Coral Springs. When I first came into the area, I was a little overwhelmed because I was used to my little two areas in Evergreen, Evergreen and Woodlands... but I have learned to love them and am excited to keep learning the area. The other day I had the chance to have a lesson mostly in Spanish... and I barely understood any of it. It is really cool because we have like 8 Spanish families in our ward and one who is working on coming back to church. We had our lesson with them, and another family from Costa Rica came and helped us out. It was really cool to be able to understand their concerns and really I wasn't completely lost as I picked up on a few words and understood the basics of it before it was explained to us in English!! It think one of the coolest parts about serving in Calgary is that I will have the chance to stay in touch with my friends, ward members, and investigators when I am at home. It is really cool to be able to get to know them and know that really I am only a few hour plane ride or car ride away from them. It must be hard for Danny because Chile is so much farther away. Cloud is the cutest cat, however having her around is hard because sometimes I almost call her O'Malley and then I want to pick her up but she is not a fan of that and her name is not O'Malley. I accidentally left my camera in my last area, so I will be getting it mission mailed to me soon. I have had the hardest time with my camera, from losing the charger to leaving it in my last area... I am very glad that I did not bring my huge camera!! I also found out that I am allergic to Rabbits... one of our members had one and I pet it and picked it up. I washed my hands after but because Rabbits shed I had its fur all over me. I was itchy on my arms as well as my eyes for like two days... note to self, never get a rabbit. Of course the snow decided to drop on us this week after a nice couple of weeks, but it is supposed to be a nice 7 degrees on Thursday through the weekend. Good ol' Calgary. Oh and we have an investigators on date for April 3rd!!! So we are super excited about that. I am just rambling because I want you to know what is going on her in the EAST so if you have any questions let me know because I can't think of any more. I love you lots and hope that you are having a great week!! Also I worked at GCU from October of 2013-December of 2013 so I started again at Target in January. How is the Hawaii store coming? I will be going to Target today to take advantage of the clearance. Good luck with the flags... that sounds like no fun... Danny is lucky he has such and amazing mom… :P. Love you


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