Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Greetings from the cold and then warm and then cold again North EAST!!!!

Hello Everybody!!!!

Man, I feel like every time I am away from my family (i.e not near a computer or a Monday) I get new and exciting news. I mean when I learned I was to be a drum major in high school my parents were on a flight to Hawaii, when I learned that my first area Evergreen was being combined with Elders it was NOT a P-day... and of course this transfer is just the same with news :). So on Wednesday night at 10:11 pm I found out something pretty cool. I will be staying in the North East for another 3 months... and how do I know that..... I AM TRAINING A NEW MISSIONARY!!!! I am super excited to be able to learn so much from my new companion and to really work hard this transfer. At the same time I am kind of terrified and I really hope that I will be able to make an impact on the life/mission of my brand new companion. It will be so different for me because I have never been the senior companion, and almost all of my companions after next month will be home already. It will be really cool and rewarding to see her grow. Hard but cool.

On Friday we went to our new trainer meeting and I found out that not only am I training, but Sister Milias (one of my MTC roomies) AND Sister Wagstaff (my MTC companion) are training together!!! There are 5 new sisters coming out, so I feel really blessed to be able to train.
On Saturday, Sister Willicome (the member we live with) took Sister Bullock and me to the Temple in North West Calgary. That temple is so nice, and I feel really blessed to be able to have attended it 3 times already on a fluke. It has a beautiful wheat theme, and although it is small, it is amazing. We continue to have lots of work at our fingertips in this area. It really is a testament to how working hard, although it will not always create an immediate response, will bless you in the future. This week with Morgan, we taught her about the online portion of doing Family History. She only had her mom and her dad on her line so far, so we found the name of her Grandma and put it in. We then decided to put in her Great Grandpas name into the search bar and found a couple of possible Matches. When Morgan texted her Grandma asking when her dad died and when he was born, we FOUND HIM!!! And then when we plugged his name into her tree, her tree EXPLODED!!! In a matter of 5 minutes her tree went from 2 generations all the way back to the early 1700s!!! Crazy right??? ANNNDDDD, when we looked to see who put the names into the computer, the majority of them had been updated and added by Familysearch.org in August of 2014.... she walked into church in November of 2014.... We love Morgan and only have one lesson left with her. She will be getting baptized on April 3rd, and so we will be teaching/re-teaching the things that she feels she needs a better grasp on.

Kirsten and Lochlan, will be moving out of their house on Friday to, hopefully, another part of our area. We had a lesson on prayer, scripture study and church attendance and we really worked hard to help her see what those three things can do for you. She told us that she has a better understanding know of the Sacrament, and promised us that she would be coming on Sunday... AND SHE CAME!!! It is really exciting to see people begin to understand. My new companion and I will be helping her pack and move along with a set of Elders in the area on Friday and meeting with her on Wednesday. Hopefully when they get settled we will be able to pick up her son Lochlan as an investigator, but for now the support that the ward has given them is amazing.

Shem has been to church every week that I have been in Prairie Winds, he is doing well, really loves church, and hopefully we will be able to help him to understand and gain that desire to be baptized this week. Jasleen comes to Young Women's every week and Indika continues to come to church, even though he doesn't have time to meet with us. This area has soooo much potential with less actives and potentials, and I really hope to be able to apply myself with my new companion to really reach out in love.

This past transfer, my motto has been "little by little", however I think this transfer will be "Motivated by love". When we truly take the time to ask Heavenly Father to help us to love someone and we take the time to understand them, we can be motivated by love. I want to really be able to show my love to all, including Heavenly Father, my companion, my investigators and members. I love all of you so much. I can't believe that I am coming up on my 6 month mark. It really does go by fast. Have a wonderful week!!!

Love, Sister Jensen (Kelliann)

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