Monday, March 9, 2015

Watching the fruit

Hello Everyone!!!
First, don't get too alarmed by my title. Second, this week was pretty fantastic. Now of course things have been interesting, as they always are for a missionary. And in the North East of Calgary :). I am growing to love this area more and more. The people that I meet, the love of the gospel that the members have, and the amazing area, just bring a smile to my face more and more. So, I did start off this week still getting over my cold. It is basically gone now, however, I did wake up yesterday with a new surprise. I woke up with a rash on my arms and legs that seemed to be allergy related but we weren't really sure. We watched it all day, got some semi-professional help (Moms in the Ward are the best), and went to bed. However when I woke up today the allergic reaction had spread to my torso as well as more of my arms and legs, so we called Sister Nicholas and set up an appointment to see a doctor. He said that it is just an allergic reaction, and that I should take Benadryl 3 times a day until it goes away... however the annoying part is that we are not sure what is causing the reaction... Boo. Nothing has changed in the last 6 weeks with my product... the only thing that I can think of is that the detergent we used was scented... however I have been using that same bottle of detergent since I got into Prairie Winds... so I am rather confused on what is going on. I did find out that I am allergic to Rabbits. One of our members has one, but that was a small reaction. Weird.
Okay enough with the health updates... Now to the real stuff. Things in the NE are really going well. We had our investigator Shem come over to a members house yesterday for dinner and a message!!! We had a lesson on the Book of Mormon, and about how it can help us to really gain a testimony and know that Priesthood Authority has once again been restored to the Earth. I have really enjoyed teaching my investigators, as well as finding new people to teach, and teaching the old. Morgan is still on date for the 3rd of April!!! And we have an 8 year old boy named Koul getting baptized this Saturday!!! He is so cute and is the son of a less-active family that we have been teaching the lessons to. He is so excited that he said that he wants EVERYONE in the ward to be there.
This week we had Ward Conference. Poor Sister Kendrick has not been to a normal church service yet in the Prairie Winds ward. However, she is quite the trooper, and is doing really well with the members in the area and the lessons. I realized this week just how grateful I am for the ability to serve a mission. I am able to recognize every day just how much God loves everyone, as well as what the Atonement of Christ can do. And once I get home from my mission, I have this knowledge for the rest of my life. I am truly grateful for the people that I have met, for the things that I have learned, for the miracles that I have seen, and for the knowledge and testimony that I have gained of the Atonement of Christ. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and that the time change has not affected anyone too bad. Really, I don't get day light savings time, and I am grateful Arizona's lack of it. It looks like spring is a coming... however that doesn't mean that that couldn't change. I love you all. Have a great week!!!
 Love, Sister Kelliann Jensen!!!

Hello Mom!!!
I must say that I am really starting to be thankful and loving my mission!! I am realizing everything that I am learning, gaining, and growing in... and I am grateful. If I really think about it, if I was at home I would still be watching Doctor Who, still be going to church and really only thinking about the gospel on Sundays, still be working at Target and probably doing some sort of schooling... things would be the same, and I would not be who I am today without these last 6 months. I still love cats, still love Doctor Who, still love Target, still am shy to talk to people sometimes, but now I am more believing, more excepting, more faithful more steadfast. I have a more deep testimony of the gospel, not just a surface level that helped me when I was young to see miracles and be believing, but a firm testimony that when life tries to push me over, I feel like I can keep standing. I am so excited for you and Dad, and Mandy. I am grateful that this mission blesses you all as well when I am out here. I am grateful that I can know that you are doing well. I am grateful for the packages that you send me. I am grateful that I know that this gospel has been placed on this earth to protect us. To guide us, to give us strength. That is what the Atonement means. That we can be strengthened through Christ, and I know that we are when we follow and apply HIS gospel. I know that God lives, that Jesus is the Christ, that the Book of Mormon is true and because it is true Joseph Smith is a Prophet. I love you so much...... sorry for the weird testimony email... I just needed to say it!!!

P.S - I love and miss Bobbie Q's.... I hate daylight savings time... Fall forward is great spring back is the worst invention of my life. Things are definitely thawing here. It has been about 50 all week. OH and I got my package!!! And my new bank card!!!! LOVE YOU!!!

Sister Kelliann !!!

Wow, that is a good check!!!!!!!! Can I just say that I am proud of you... is that weird to say that you are proud of your Dad?? I don't know but I am saying it anyway!!! I was wondering when Kayla's homecoming was!!! I can't believe that she is already back... when she left I was just thinking about going, and now she is back and I am 6 months out. Tell her I say Hi!!!! I put Mandy's name in the temple two weeks ago. I know that she will find the best job for her and that this move is really making a difference in her life. She just sent me an email about prayer that made me cry. I really enjoyed the testimony of my great, great, great grandfather. I also really enjoy all of the stories that you send. Do you have any stories about your life that I don't know about....??? I love you so much. Sister Kendrick and I had a whole conversation about how to pronounce Hooper... have you ever been there or to Antelope Island??? I had never even heard of it.


Sister Kelliann

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