Monday, March 30, 2015

Hoppy Easter

Hello all;
This week has been full of many wonderful miracles and exciting times!! Let me start off with some updates!!!
Unfortunately Morgan will not be getting baptized this week. We had to push back her date due to some difficulties with permission. Please keep her in your prayers that she will be able to stay strong in this time of trial....
Okay bad news over! Our investigators are actually doing really well!! We have had some really awesome opportunities this week to build and share our testimonies with the people that we have come to really love. The Lord has really been helping Sister Kendrick and I to figure out what we need to do in this area and we are working to find ways to help our ward to come closer together as well as closer to our investigators and less-actives!!
We were talking on Friday that we needed to talk in the ward!! On Saturday, Brother Mediano called us and asked us to speak...on SUNDAY. So happily we accepted and prepared our talks on How to build trust in the Lord. I talked about how the Plan of Salvation or God's plan for us helps us to know the way back to Him. It is clear, simple, and has been and continues to be tried and tested by many people. However, this doesn't mean that we don't have to learn to trust that plan for ourselves. The Savior set His example, but that also means that we have to learn to follow that example. As a missionary I have learned to be very grateful for every trial and experience that I have. Each on strengthens me, allows me to grow, and also helps me to know with an utmost faith that God's way is the best way. I love my Heavenly Father who allows us to have agency so that we can learn. grow, and then learn from our mistakes. I am also grateful that he allows us to have the Plan set out, that we might learn in that way. Sister Kendrick did amazing on her talk as well!! I am so proud of her and the progress that she has made. She is great with all of our investigators, and I love seeing the evidence that she is needed here.
Yesterday our ward had a linger longer for the 5th Sunday. Kirsten and Lochlan came and the food was GONE by the time that we were done. We had a few technical difficulties when we wanted to show the #BecauseHeLives video, but we invited every one to watch it and to share it. Last night, we were trying to figure out what to do so we called Kirsten and asked her if we could teach Lochlan (her 17 year old autistic). She said that she and him were just headed out for a walk, and we asked if we could go with her. We ended up going to the park, Sister Kendrick and Kirsten walked behind us while Lochlan and I had the first discussion. Things are going well in the Northeast!! Sister Kendrick and I are going to the Calgary Tower with the STLs and a few other Sisters!! We will have to let you know how it is!!! Pictures to come!! I love you all... Have a fantastic Easter week. Also don't forget about General Conference this Saturday AND Sunday!!!
Sister Kelliann Jensen
Hi Dad!!

Thank you for the wonderful update on the family! I am not surprised about Josh and his promotion!! I hope that he is doing well and that he is enjoying his time in Cali!!! This week has been full of lots of tender mercies, hard times for some of our investigators and wonderful times too. Sister Kendrick and I both had the opportunity to talk in church on Sunday after being called about it the day before!! You will be proud to know that the two times that I have spoken on my mission, I have only used notes, and not written it out!! I feel like my mission has helped me become a must more confident person! I am starting a spiritual prompting book this week and a tender mercies book!! I will be using these to help me to draw closer to my father in Heaven!! I can't believe that March will be over tomorrow and that Easter is already here. I feel like just yesterday I was talking to you on the computer over Skype!
Sister Kendrick and I want to do a musical number in our ward. She plays that Violin and I told her that we have lots of pieces that we could choose from at home... do you think that you could scan in a couple to look at??? I love you lots. I continue my streak of not wearing shoes when I talk in church... I always end up playing the organ!! I love you! Have a great week! EASTER IS FANTASTIC AND I AM EXCITED FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE!!

Sister Jensen!!

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