Monday, July 6, 2015

What a week.... Wait it is already Monday???

Temporary Splint in the waiting room.

Hello Family!!! Well.... what a week. As most of you well know on Monday at 4 pm I broke my wrist during a pday activity. We were playing a game called mission impossible where you are in the gym of the church and the lights are off. There are tables set up everywhere as barriers and there is a spotlight set up that tries to catch people as they move from table to table... long story short, the mission was clearly impossible for me. On the third round of the game, I got out (note I wasn't even playing the game anymore) and was walking up to the front to sit out. As I walked, another Elder sprinted forward, not seeing me in the dark, and rammed into me causing me to hit a table with my wrist. At first I thought that I was fine, but soon I started feeling me forehead and felt warm blood running down my face. I quickly told Elder Cervantes that I wasn't okay. He took one look at my forehead and took me out into the hallway to asses my injuries. After cleaning off the cut on my head (not bad at all, just bled a lot) I looked at my wrist which felt kind of off... and I noticed it was definitely out of shape. We then got Sister Allard and Nina (a member of the YSA ward) and Nina drove us to the doctors... who was closed. We then went to the ER. At first when I hit my wrist I thought that it was just dislocated... but 4 hours in the waiting room and an xray later told that it was a nasty colles fracture of my left wrist. 
They tried to do a closed reduction (where they seduce you with medicine and put it back into place), but the results were not as favorable as they wished. 
 After the closed reduction. Still looks bad and I can't open my fingers properly. 
Right after I heard the news about the break and possible surgery, I was kind of freaking out. I called our mission president's wife and our nurse on the area Sister Halladay. We then called the zone leaders to let them know and ask for a blessing. I really have a testimony of the priesthood as that night I received a blessing that was an answer to every prayer that I had uttered for the past 3 weeks. After the blessing, I knew that every thing was going to be okay. I was calm and trusted that my Heavenly Father would see me through this. 
After a day of waiting on Tuesday (many emergencies meant no O.R. rooms) we went home at around 7:30 and stayed with Sister Halladay for the night. 
Wednesday we went back into the hospital and I got my surgery around 10 am M.D.T. Everything went smoothly, and I was blessed to have an amazing ortho who will see me through everything that will happen with my wrist. 
They set it and put four pins in my wrist without having to open it... I don't get  it either. 
After surgery... big cast and my fingers are red because of the iodine. 
Sister Allard and I were able to get back to work on Friday and Saturday. We didn't have the car until Saturday evening and I am still recovering my energy so we couldn't walk very far but we tried to fill up our time still!!
However, SUNDAY WAS AWESOME!! It was fast Sunday, and although Sister Allard wouldn't let me fast fully and did as much as I could, and also fasted from thinking, talking about anything that wasn't mission related. The Lord knows us and when we are making full sacrifices. We fasted for our investigator Gerald. He will be going out of town this week and we wanted to provide him will extra strength. He came to our bible study and we had a short lesson with him after that went really well. The spirit was felt and he texted us this morning and Thanked us for the lesson and said that He really felt the Holy Ghost when He went home that night!!!! SUCH A WONDERFUL ANSWER TO OUR FAST!!! He leaves tomorrow and we are making letters that he can open each day to find a little extra strength!! I love you all and thank you for your support and prayers this week. The wrist feels better and better every day and I have more use of my fingers daily as well. Remember, the Lord knows you and what you need. Trust him!!! 
Sister Kelliann Jensen 

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