Monday, July 13, 2015

President, Prayers, and Potentials

Hello Family and Friends!!! 
Thank you everyone or your encouraging words this past week!!!!! I really appreciate it! Coming out on my mission, I never really expected how much I would change (and how much change I would have to come!!). I was talking to an Elder yesterday who I served with in my first area and am now serving with again and asked him if I had changed a lot and his response was "oh yes!!" And this week I have learned that the Lord has plans for me to change even more. I might still be the same person personality wise, but I feel a whole lot stronger in my purpose, faith, and confidence. Seriously, today at the mall I asked Sister Allard if we could eat with an older lady we had met in the dollar store in C-OP (A grocery store) and we had like a 20 minute conversation with her, just cheering up her day!! Never would have had the faith to do that before my mission... and (mom you really will never believe this) I called back a number that didn't leave a voicemail and that was unknown!!! Anyway, those are very temporal examples, and I feel that I have also grown exponentially spiritually as well. 
Exciting things of the week!!!! 
Monday - No more injuries!!!!! But we are once again teaching the husband of the family we just got done living with!! He is so awesome, more info as we receive more!! 
Tuesday - We had zone training meeting!!! Our zone has come up with a friendly competition on passing out mormon.orgcards. Whoever passes the most out by the end of our zone finding activity on Saturdays gets a smoothie... however Sister Allard decided to take the challenge as a way to be pushed to have more meaningful conversations with those we meet... so we might not ever win the smoothies, but we have been able to have 17 amazing conversations this week... and we picked up two new investigators... so i'd say it is worth it to make our own smoothie. 
Wednesday - Miracle Wednesday seriously!!!!! 
We drove to Lethbridge on Wednesday after going on mini-splits with the Sister Training Leaders from Taber. (Lethbridge is about a two hour drive from Medicine Hat). We got to meet our new Mission President and wife, President and Sister Miles!!! Let me tell you they are perfect for our mission!!! While we were there I felt the spirit testify to me very strongly that they would help me personally to accomplish the goals that the Lord has for me as a missionary and as a daughter of God. I know that they have been called by God and are inspired to do His work!!! 
On the way home as well we got lost... so we stopped for lunch and prayed before we went in to be able to find a way back to Medicine Hat. After we ate a youth came up to me an apologize for my broken wrist and then said "especially because you are a missionary" and I immediately knew she was an answer to our prayer. We told her that we were actually serving in Medicine Hat and asked her if she knew how to get there. She said that she didn't but her dad did, and He gave us very direction instructions to get home!!! I love the gospel. 
To add on to miracle Wednesday, we were walking to our dinner appointment and we had about 10 minutes before we needed to be there so I felt we should knock on a door or two. We walked a little further and then decided to knock on a door on the corner. To our surprise, one of the nurses that had helped me quite a bit on the Tuesday that we had to stay in the hospital for no reason answered the door. She wasn't interested but it was amazing to be able to see the hand of the Lord and know that He does plant seeds!!! 
Friday - Broken wrist is paying off. We were able to talk to someone on the street for a good 10 minutes because his wrist as broken too!!! We gave him a Book of Mormon, and get this, he can't go to work for 3 months because of his wrist, so we now have the chance to teach him!!! I love the gospel!!!! 
 We also met a family at the Tipee (World's Largest) and had the chance to talk to them for a good 20 minutes. We are studying having faith vs. Fear this month, and both Sister Allard and I were scared to bother them, however their dog then ran up to them and we went over and the guy started talking to us. The Lord will provide a way to do His will, I promise!!! 
 Sunday - Last Sunday bishop asked me to speak in church on the topic "Stay By the Tree" from this past general conference. I spoke with another Sister Jensen who was speaking on her experience from girls camp, and a returned missionary (homecoming) from Japan. Kobe mission. It was amazing to see that even though we all had different topics given to us (i.e Camp, Conference Talk, and Prayer) we all emphasized the same things and supported each other's talk. I had originally planned to read a portion of my talk, but when I got up there, after many prayers, the Lord took over and I gave my talk and ended exactly on the time I was supposed to. 
I know that this church is true. I am excited to see what these next 7 months have in store for growth. My new mission President said in his weekly letter this week  "The Savior taught us that to build faith beyond where we are today we need to take the final step and submit our whole souls to God. We need to serve and sacrifice without thought for reward. When we serve the Lord not for our own personal gratification but instead for His glory our faith will ta​ke the next important step. You will be obedient because you love the Lord not just because you’ve been asked to be." 
I love you all!!!
Sister Kelliann Jensen
P.S - Wrist update - we go in tomorrow for more xrays and hopefully a new cast. The pins do stick out of my wrist!! I will send pictures next week 

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