Monday, July 27, 2015

Good Morning and Happy Pioneer Day

Hello everyone!!! Man.... I don't even want to talk about what today marks... seriously not even going to mention it.
Any who. I hope that every one has enjoyed their week!! Ours was pretty cool. A little up and down and sometimes a little difficult, but such is life, and I know that the Lord has made me stronger for it. Some fun activities happened this weekend!!! Our stake here in Medicine Hat does a "stake challenge". This month the challenge is to have a summer activity and invite a non-member over. Then have a casual gospel conversation and invite the missionaries!
We have a less-active family who we get to see about once a week and the kids from this family just turned 4 and 5 this week. We were invited to the birthday party and got to talk to some great families!! We even ran into a member of 4th ward and got to talk to him and get to know his conversion story!!! Also on Saturday our stake celebrated Pioneer day with some good ol' fun and activities!! I didn't join in on most of them but I did take pictures and I enjoyed the time. Our investigator Robert and his wife (who is a member) came and we were able to chat with them for quite some time as we enjoyed lunch!
Speaking of lunch on Saturday, it was a potluck and A-M had to bring Salad. We didn't really plan to bring anything, but we went to contact a referral on Friday and knocked the doors around them. We quite enjoyed talking to a few people and on the last door we knocked we met a really awesome lady named Rosemary. She is Baptiste, and after talking to her for a few minutes she asked us if we wanted some Lettuce from her garden..... so we said yes and went into her backyard for 2 huge heads of lettuce! Then later that day we were eating dinner with one of our members (also in an attempt to complete the stake challenge) and he gave us his left over tomatoes.... so with lettuce and tomatoes in hand, we made a salad for the potluck with some other ingredient with the dressing that was also given to us.
As a missionary, we see all the time that the Lord provides for His servants. Every time one my mission, in whatever area I have been in, I have notices that the Lord always provides for our physical needs of food. We always have enough and when we don't have enough there is always a miracle that happens, whether it be a member calls us up to see if we have dinner, or we have money given to us earlier in the week and a dinner appointment cancels later on in the week. It really is amazing to me... and this time the Lord helped us to provide for the members that take care of us on such a regular basis!
Other awesome tracting experiences this week! On Saturday after our time at the parks, Sister Allard and I decided to walk around and contact some people. We were walking to a potential investigators house and on our way we felt the need to stop at a house and talk to the lady there. Her name is Ronda. When she first answered the door, Sister Allard asked her if she had ever met missionaries before, she said yes and that she wasn't interested but then I came back and asked her if she needed any service that time...She looked at us and then said slightly confused that she wasn't quite sure what we were up to. We got to explain that we are missionaries for the church and that we go about and teach people about the Savior and that we love to do service for others too. Immediately after that you could see a visible change in her as the spirit touched her. She quickly apologized for being rude and we were able to learn that her husband had recently passed away. We gave her a card and she told us that she would keep us in mind! We are going to try her again next time we pass her house. I love the work and that the Lord provides evidences for it. Also on that street, we passed a lady who had a nice yard and complimented her on it. Which led to a 30 minute conversation about missionary work. She said she was Atheist and it was a testimony to me as she spoke that Jesus Christ is truly there and that the Book of Mormon is true. Every question that she had could and is answered by the Book of Mormon and the understanding of the Atonement that we have from the Restoration of the church.
Also exciting things from this week. We had the opportunity to go to lesson Monday night with President and Sister Miles. We met with Gerald we were able to talk to him about the need for baptism and about personalizing the gospel. I really loved being able to teach with our new mission President and his wife. They are amazing people. Gerald is doing okay but he is in need of doing things for himself and really having the desire to know if these things are true.
Looking back, this week was really good. I love you all and thank you for the many opportunities that I have to learn from each of you. Sister Allard and I are looking for more people to share the gospel with, or even just to uplift in any way that we can.... if you happen to know of anyone that is in need of anything that either lives in Medicine Hat, or could be reached via Facebook or email/Skype call let me know!! Also Sister Allard is looking for someone to give a French copy of the Book of Mormon to... I love you all and hope that you have a great week. Thank you for all that you do!!

Love Sister Kelliann Jensen

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