Monday, November 16, 2015

Hello everyone! 

Sounds like this has been a great week for you! I will be praying for you as well on the direction that you should take. I agree though... no Jensen ever needs to be involved in Politics. I get Sarah's emails every once in a while. It is nice to hear how she is doing and it is weird to me that she has already been out as long as she has. I really enjoy serving as a missionary and would never exchange the things that I have learned here. In the words of President Hinckley "It remains the best and most productive 2 years of my life...still". This week was full of amazing things and lessons. We did two trainings this week; One up in the North Zone for our Sisters, and one in our own Zone. It is amazing to see the hand in the Lord as you pray and ask for guidance on what to do. We also spent a lot of time at the Temple of Thursday (see mom's email for more info). On Friday we had Zone Conference's with President Miles and the Foothills zone. I got to see Sister Kendrick, Wagstaff, and Allard again which is always fun. I really enjoy having President and Sister Miles in our mission. The work is improving and our mission is becoming even better than before. 

Saturday we went on Exchanges with the Airdrie Sisters. I went up to Airdire with Sister Durrant who if you remember is someone that I came out with. I really enjoyed being able to teach and learn from her as well as be concerned with and a part of their missionary work as well. It has been a crazy but amazing week! I wish that I could share more! Next Sunday is the Montreal Temple Dedication! It should be awesome!

Things are a lot busier here in the Calgary Zone and as an STL. Now I have more responsibilities then I did before to prepare for and this week has just been ridiculous when it came to study time because we were always at a meeting and didn't always have time to do anything but prepare for the meetings which we are going to, however that doesn't mean that I am or have giving up on the challenge we are doing. It just means that I too am behind a little. I just started the book of Jarom... so I really don't know where we are supposed to be this week, but I have really enjoyed what I have read so far. Enos is still one of my favorite books and as I read it on Wednesday it really prepared me for the training that we gave to the Elders. You know what I learned this week? I learned that the Book of Mormon really is a witness of Christ. It answers the question of the soul "How can a belief in Christ help me" because it is literally witnesses and testimonies of Prophets and how a belief in Christ helped them, their families, and how it could/did help their societies. It is amazing! I love reading the Book of Mormon and know that as we read it we will find a better understanding of who Christ is and how he can help us! 

Oh we went to the temple as a district on Thursday! We got to do Baptisms (which I haven't done in 8 years), and we took a name all the way through. And it was our own Family History. I did the name of Hansine Olsen, whom was born in Denmark and then I also found another name for one of the Elders to take through Thomas Grimmett. It was such an amazing experience to take a name through all of the way and I learned so much about the Plan of Salvation and why the Lord does what he does. We truly are His children and I feel like everything on this earth is to prepare us to live and accept the principles and laws of Heaven. I love you so much. I don't have too much time but I wanted you to know that the Lord does love you! I am excited to see you in a couple of months and I got my November package yesterday (it is nice to get mail more regularly again). Thank you for the Winter stuff, it is needed. As far as Christmas goes I would like letter from everyone (especially those of who never write me... JOSH... DANNY) and I am in need of less grungy white undershirts but other than that I really am doing great. I learn to make new outfits every day, and I am not too tired with what I have. I might be in need of new brown boots, but really that it not a necessity. I love you so much! Thank you for being my constant support! 

Love you Forever! 

Sister Kelliann  

Downtown Calgary

Temple Day as a District

Family Dressed as the Beatles

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