Saturday, November 7, 2015

Happy Halloween Everyone

So big news... Sister Kolodisi is going South in the mission... 
More big news.... We are getting purged and I am leaving the Mahogany and Auburn Bay ward to go somewhere else in the North of the mission.... WHAT!!!! It is weird for me to think about because I have only been in the area for 5 weeks... but as we call it here I am ready for my first "one and done"... Purging means that 2 new sisters will be coming in the area that we are leaving.Sister K and I will be spending a lot of time tying up loose ends and making sure things are ready for them when they come in!!! So stay tuned for where I am going and who I am with next week! 

Alrighty so miracles of the week! 

Monday! - This week we got a referral for a guy who was baptized in 2003, doesn't have scriptures, but wants to come back to church. This referral sounded like it came from him... but apparently it didn't because when we got their he didn't know we were coming, but everything about him that the referral said was true AND he asked us how he can get a copy of his Patriarchal Blessing so we are going to move His records into the ward and then get him his account. Sadly he is only going to be in our ward for a short time... but we can get him started in the reactivation process. We also carved pumpkins with a reactivating family for P-day. 

Tuesday: We got to help with reorganizing a garage for a part member family this week. It is cool to see that we have been able to get more in contact with these Part member families. 

Wednesday: We got a 10 on our Apartment Inspections!

Thursday - We had the chance to help a new less-active who wants to come back to church with her move in! It was awesome because she came to church and the missionaries coming in will be helping with he wedding in two weeks! Plus we went to the Thrilling Thursday for Mahogany Ward and their was a bunch of non-members and less-actives there. It was kind of awesome because one of the Part members is going to start taking the lessons! 
We also had to go to help 
Friday - We went on exchanges and we got a Referral!!! When we tried to stop by the referral we ended up at a less-actives house that we didn't know lived their... MIRACLE! 

Saturday - Exchanges with Sister Dente. It was pretty awesome plus we found two potentials and helped the family we carved pumpkins with move. 

Sunday - We had a few less-actives at church and we got a referral for ANOTHER less-active that the Lord has prepared that we are going to go back and see. 

My Ponderizing scripture for the week is Alma 29:9! I love you all! And hope that you have a great week! I know that the Lord has a hand in all of our lives and that when we have faith in him and confidence in Him we not only recognize his hand more in our lives, but we find great happiness and blessings! 

I love you! 

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