Saturday, November 7, 2015

Transfers, Halloween, and First Day of Snow

Hello Hello Hello Everyone!

Must I say what a week! I guess that I will break the news early in the letter today but I am now serving almost in the heart of Calgary in the Calgary 5th Ward... (Not to be confused with the Medicine Hat 5th ward)... and my new companion is... SISTER LAYTON! We came out together and we are both from Arizona! Also more exciting news... on Monday night after pday this past week, Sister Kolodisi and I were getting home and finished with planning so we started to pack. It had been a good day, but it was kind of hard to leave people that I had only known for a few months. Anyway as I went to my bed to fold my clothes and put them away I saw the phone and had the impression that I should probably look at it... and as I did I saw that President Miles had called and as I listened to the voicemail I learned that he not only called, but he called for me. So I called him back and long story short I am not only serving in the Calgary 5th ward with Sister Layton, but I was also extended the call to be a Sister Training Leader with Sister Layton over the sisters in the Calgary North stake (we are the only sisters in the Calgary Zone). That means that Sister Layton and I get the chance to look after these sisters and we will be going on exchanges with them periodically.

The beginning of this week was pretty hectic, and Sister Kolodisi and I spent most of it packing, cleaning and tying up lose ends in prep for the sisters coming in. We made lots of notes in the area books and spent quite sometime saying goodbye and making sure the the new sisters were still welcomed in investigators and less-active homes. Hopefully they can fit in together! Transfer weeks are always hard, but it was quite fun all the same. As transfer day came along, Sister Kolodisi and I had to say our goodbyes and we went to the Willow Park Chapel. She was going South and I stayed North so once the meeting started we had to part our ways :(. But the best thing about transfers was that I got to see Sister Kendrick, Sister Allard, Sister Milius, Sister Wagstaff, and Sister Howard, which are Sisters that I haven't been able to see in forever! (Especially Sister Kendrick who we both thought would never see each other again on the mission). She is now serving as the STL over Willow Park so I will be seeing her more often now.

It is amazing that Heavenly Father will give you assurances that you are in the right place at the right time. After I got my transfer notice that I was staying North, everywhere that I could go continue to cross my mind. I felt like I could go anywhere in the North and has no idea what Heavenly Father had in store for me. However when I got my STL call, that narrowed the pool to four places, Willow Park (which would have been the same zone that I just came out of), Calgary Central (where I am now), Foothills YSA, or Banff. I thought that I could go to any of the places...except Calgary Central because Sister Layton just finished training so I figured that she would get transferred and the her baby would need to be greenie busted. President had told me that I would be with another STL so I kind of ruled that one out. All week I went back and forth on where I would be and that continue until I got to transfers and I was sitting there and learned that Sister Layton was staying in her area... and at that point I knew that I would be going with her to Calgary 5th ward. And you know what is also cool? We both had the same impression.

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