Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Well hello there August it is nice to see you again... seriously crazy!!! August!!!! Any who happy Walk-N-Talk August!!! This month we only have a total of 200 Kilometers that we can drive so most of our time will be spent walking!!!! Sister Allard and I walked a total of 5 hours on Saturday to kick start our month, and thanks to the Elders we received a new potential investigator. BE PREPARED FOR SUNSCREEN AND CRAZY TAN LINES!! 
Speaking of tan lines, as you can see I am newly casted and ready for the next few weeks. Dr. Baring x-rayed and checked my wrist on Tuesday and said that it is almost healed!!! YAY!! However, he is out of town for the next week so I will be getting my cast off and pins out on the 11th of August. We ran into a lady who works at the hospital in the dialysis unit and she said that Dr. Baring is the fastest and the best... so here's to hoping that the pins don't hurt too bad when they pull them. 
 So this week I have made it a point to pray before I study that I would be able to study with the spirit and know what I need for my investigators and companion. It has been really cool seeing that when I study and I want to learn, but that I also have the desire to know for others, that the spirit teaches me the things that I need to know for that day. It is my own personal "Daily Bread". It has been really nice because I recognize and trust more in the calling that I have more now, and I am able to help my companion and the people that I teach. Heavenly Father really likes to place me with people that seem to be learning the same things that I am. Over and over again I find myself working through a question or a similar trial that and investigator has, and it helps me to really know how to help them. 
 For example, this Sunday was Fast Sunday!! We had the opportunity to fast as a mission for the #MayNifty50 goal which is a continuous thing now for us missionaries. I also fasted for my own reasons and throughout the day, little things stuck out to me that I found to be cool. However, at the end of the day, we were able to talk to Gerald and I received and understanding of his needs which then ended up being an answer to my own fast!!! Heavenly Father truly knows me as He knows that I am way more willing to do something for someone else rather then myself. I love you all so much. Thank you for all of your support. 
We picked sour cherries this week...Also, as a mission we have stopped the use of Facebook. We are waiting to use it more effectively and receive more training so until further notice you shall hear from me on Mondays...!!! 
Speaking of Mondays.... next week is transfer week... so I will be emailing (and also getting my new cast off) on Tuesday... 

 Sister Kelliann Jensen 

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