Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Happy Birthday Sister Cunningham!!!

Hello Everyone!

Exciting things going on this week!! It is Sister Cunningham's birthday on Thursday and she is turning the big 20!! I am kind of excited because I have never been able to celebrate another companion's birthday with them.... so I might be taking her to the butterfly farm and paying for it when she isn't looking... as well as telling everyone that it is her birthday on Thursday... and getting her a present... somehow without her seeing it or at least know that it is for her. I think it will be a much better way to spend my one year mark... because it is always better to celebrate others instead of yourself!

This week has been awesome!! We gave numbers to our district leader yesterday and when Sister Cunningham said that we had seen 7 less-active or recent convert members I was so shocked that I had to check myself. It is amazing what you can do when you are trying to be obedient and improve and refine your skills as a missionary and relying on the Lord for his help. We have had some pretty cool miracles this week!

1. Kianna. We went to go knock one of our less-actives doors that we had never met and met her son Cory. He told us that the one that we really wanted to see was Kianna as she had just been baptized recently in Utah and just got back to Canada. Long story short, Sister Cunningham went on splits with Sister Hyde on Wednesday and their original appointment cancelled so they went back and met Kianna. It turns out that she is the most solid 16 year-old I have ever met. She is so cute, and she got baptized a year ago in Utah while living with her grandma who made her go to church while she was living with her. We are going to help her get integrated into the ward, and start rereading the Book of Mormon with her to try to get her honor bee!!

2. Anna and the Luis family! Remember how I told you last week that we had met Anna because of a puppy that we had found? Well we went back on Monday and we were greeted by an unanswered door... so we decided that we should leave a note. We then went to leave and declared that we would come back later and then as we turned around a car pulled into their driveway and Anna's sister came out. She said that no one was home but that we could come back on Thursday and everyone would be there! Miracle! When we came back on Thursday we were again greeted by the same thing... so we walked around and came back a half an hour later to find Anna's other sister home who said we could come by on Saturday... AND WE DID!! They were home, but we set up a really appointment for tonight at 7! We are super excited! They are from Columbia and we hope that we can start teaching them about the restored gospel!

3. Church! This week at church Sister Cunningham and I decided to bring the question of what we could do to help our area improve. We then went to church and while we were there received the impression that we could be working with the members by going to their houses, teaching the restoration, and inviting them to come out on splits with us. Our Stake president has asked that we go on splits once a week at least... and we are only going once every other week with the ward missionaries... so we feel that this will help the members to get out with us and feel the spirit of being a missionary.

4. Taylor - So on Saturday Sister Cunningham and I walked to the Tepee. It is about a 45 minute walk and once we are there we can go down into the coulee and talk to the people walking in the dog park... or we can stay up top and talk to the people visiting the tepee. As we arrived, there were only a few we decided to go to the coulee. After a little while of talking to people, we sat down, ate lunch and then as we got back out to work some more, we met this guy named Taylor. It almost looked like he waited to talk to us and we had an amazing conversation about the purpose of life and the restoration of the gospel. He left and we did one more walk around the park and then went up to the top of the Tepee hill (which is killer) and met him again at the top. We then walked more and gave him a Book of Mormon. We hope that we are able to see him again soon!! It was amazing!

We are looking forward to an awesome week and a trip to Taber for Zone Conference! I am also going on exchanges with Sister Kolkova this week which should be pretty fun... however she too broke her wrist a couple of weeks ago... poor Sister. Anywho, I love you all and hope that you have had a great week. Remember that the Lord loves you!


Sister Kelliann Jensen

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