Monday, August 31, 2015


Hello Everyone! 

This week has been such a miraculous week and I can tell you that my testimony of the Priesthood has grown as we follow the inspired counsel of our mission president. Today is the last day of walk-n-talk August... where has it gone, and I can tell you that we have seen so many miracles in doing this this week... here are just a few. 

1. Harris and his family. We had a dinner appointment this week that ended up needing to just drop our food off at our house and so we were at our place when it was time to leave. We walked out the back like we usually do and there was this family on a bike ride that had stopped on the path outside of our house because the mother's break was not working quite well. Sister Cunningham stopped to talk to them and we asked them if we could come and share a message about how our families can be together forever and they said yes! We are going to go to see them today at 7!!!! We are super excited. 

2. Melissa. So a couple of weeks ago Sister Allard and I went to dinner at a birthday party for a recent convert in our ward and the cousin of the family Melissa was at the house. We started talking and we didn't know whether she was a member or not because Cameron Anderson is a recently returned member so she could have been. When we left we gave her our card and offered service in case she needed anything. She texted us a couple of days later and since then we have been able to get her a little help moving. We went to her house this past week with the Anderson family, and it turns out that she is a child of record, not a baptized less-active!!! She doesn't live in 5th ward but right outside in 4th ward, but wants to come to 5th ward with her cousins so we are working with the Elders so that they can come to our ward while she is there. We are excited to work with her and hopefully she will be at the Corn Bust this week. 

3. The Labash family. We were walking to a less-actives house and on our way to their house, there was this guy mowing the lawn. We didn't think that he would let us talk to him, but as we approached he turned his lawn mower off and said "Hello Sister Missionaries"... we were really confused the entire time because he acted like a member and talked like a member... so we had no idea if he was a member. Anyway when we walked away we searched our ward list and found out that he was the nonmember husband of Annetta Labash and that they have 3 nonmember children... um... HE WAS SO NICE!!! We got the chance to talk to Sister Fleming our bishop's wife about them and they might be on our radar for potential families to start working with again! He is a fireman and so it was a huge miracle that we were in the right place to talk to him. 

4. Elsie. We had dinner with the Hughes family this Sunday. Gerald came as well and they also invited a cute little Filipino lady named Elsie. She is a nanny in the area and has been going through some hard things, but we ended up teaching the 5 minute restoration for the dinner message and both Gerald and Elsie came to bible study this week!!! They both enjoyed it and we were able to give her a Book of Mormon. Brother Hughes called us this morning and said that he was doing some follow up today and asked her if she wanted to meet with us and she said yes!! We have her number and are now waiting for her to respond!!! Miracle! 

5. Gerald. Gerald got the chance to go to the temple this past week! There was a ward temple trip and camp out and he spent the time with a very recently returned missionary in our ward... Jamar Jensen (no relation). He said that he felt the spirit really strongly and admits that the temple is such a special place. We talked to him a little bit and it is amazing to see the changes that he is making. He said that when he gets baptized that he wants to do it right and so he is praying so that he will have enough faith to enter into the covenant of baptism and make the changes in our life. He also reassured us that we have done so much for him and that his faith in Christ has grown so much. 

6. Kathrine. Kathrine is someone that I met my first week here in Medicine Hat. She was very nice, but didn't seem to be interested. However for these past couple of weeks, her daughter Makiah has been coming to church with the Andersons and wants to keep coming. When we were over at the Anderson's house, Sister Anderson said that Kathrine wanted to start coming to church, so we had Hailey and Kayla Anderson show us where they live and it turned out to be the same person that I have met my first week here!! We invited her to the corn bust, and hopefully she will be able to make it out with her family this Sunday!! 

I have really spent my time this week trying to remember at all times that everyone in a child of God. He knows each and every one of us and also knows what we are ready for and what we need. 

Other activities of the week! 

Tuesday: We spent Tuesday morning driving out to Taber for our first zone conference with President and Sister Miles! I LOVE THEM! They are seriously the best! Zone conference went from 10-5 and we learned about humility, working with members and the restoration of the gospel and let me tell you I am so very grateful for each of those trainings. After the conference, Sister Cunningham and I went on Exchanges with Sister Kolkava and Sister Wallock, the Taber Sister Training Leaders! Taber is so fun! It is just a cute little farming town and I got to spend the night and day with Sister Kolkava. She is from the Czech Republic and has the cutest accent (kind of like Heidi Kloom). She has been out one more transfer then me and we went to their annual Corn Bust. We had to set up for it before the meeting and both of us have kind of gimpy hands because of my no longer broken but still weak wrist and her recently fractured arm... so it was interesting, but everyone in Taber is so nice and President and Sister Miles came too, so it was awesome. Oh and everyone in Taber is named Jensen... and apparently there is a rivalry going on to see who has the best Taber corn because apparently Taber corn is the best and Jensen Taber corn is the best Taber corn... I have no clue. Good corn is good corn. And apparently people in Medicine Hat like Huber corn. I don't get it.

Sorry for the long rant today, It was a very eventful week. I could write three more paragraphs but I will spare you the reading. I love you all... sorry for the lack of pictures. My camera died and I was charging it but forgot to bring it with me again. 

Love you lots. 
Sister Jensen  

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