Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Walk-n-talk, Sister Cunningham, and the pulling of the pins

Hello Everyone!!! 

It really is weird that you all are a week behind on what's going on... I never really noticed it until I broke my wrist and in one week we would have gotten a new cast and everyone is still wondering about the last appointment. Haha, I guess time flies too fast when you are a missionary!! 

Anyway!! My new companion is named Sister Cunningham!!! She is the cutest! She just came down from Sheep River in Okotoks (the Foothills Zone!) and has been out on her mission for about 9 months now!!! She has also served in Jaffray in British Columbia!! She is from a little town called Lake Point right outside of Tooele, Utah (which is about a 30 minute drive west of Salt Lake on the other side of the Oaker mountains). I am excited to work with her! We have already seen many miracles!! 

Okay so some of you asked how transfers worked, so here is the scoop!!! The 5th week of every transfer is what we call in the mission, "Board week", which is the week that President looks at the board of missionaries and decides who is going where who is training. Training calls go out on Wednesday of that week. The next week is a fun one. Pday is moved from Monday to Tuesday and on Tuesday the Zone leaders get an email telling them who in their zone is being transferred and whether they are staying in the South or if they are going to the North of the mission. Then the zone leaders call us and tell us. This past Tuesday we got our call and Sister Allard, as you know, has been transferred to the North of the mission. I don't know where yet, but I will let you know once I find out. Then on Thursday, all of the missionaries who are getting transferred or a new companion go to the transfer points of the mission which are Lethbridge and Calgary. It takes us 2 hours about to get to Lethbridge so we left pretty early (stopped in Bow Island for a pastry) and had an amazing miracle on the way. 

When we left for Lethbridge we had only a little gas, so we went to go get some but the one gas station was out of gas... so we decided that we would just get gas at Bow Island. We drove to Bow Island and realized that our Tire Pressure gauge had turned on so we where going to stop and get the tire filled too, but then realized that there was really no gas station that we could use there... so we prayed and kept going to Taber. I prayed the whole time there, and once we got to Taber, I was originally going to stop at the gas station that we had stopped at on our way to Cardston, but felt the need to stop at the Co-op to get gas. We filled up, and then we went to leave and where very blessed because their was not only an air station, but it was free!! Once we got to Lethbridge we got Sister Allard's stuff in the van going North and split (the people going North have to sit on a different part of the chapel). Then we have an opening hymn and prayer and the transfer notices are given by the A.Ps by zone. 

Anyway. Enough about transfers we also had 2 other miracles this week. But first, my wrist is going really well. Dr. Baring pulled the pins last Tuesday (which didn't hurt at all) and took the cast off. I didn't have a ton of motion when I first got it off. It kinda of felt weird and I had to wear this pressure wrap for 48 hours because of the gaping wholes in the wrist, but it seems to be doing good. We went to my first Physical Therapy session today and she says that I have really good range of motion, gave me a few stretches and excersises and said that she wants to see me one more time in a week. After that week, I go see Dr. Baring one last time and I will be done with this!!! What a blessing it has been, plus we have seen like 10 miracles from going to the hospital alone! 

On Friday, Sister Cunningham and I were going to a street that we had planned to tract when we noticed a purse that was sitting on someone's porch. We looked into the back and waved down the girl that was mowing her lawn and she said that is was her purse but that she had forgotten that it was there. We talked to her for a bit and she agreed to let us come back on Wednesday!!! 

Also on Saturday there was a baptism in our zone, so we started working at 10 to see if we could find someone that would come to the baptism with us. In our last 15 minutes, a puppy randomly came up to us without it's owner so we said a prayer and set out to find the dog's owner. Long story short we ended up talking to the owner and neighbor... set up an appointment with the owner of the dog for tonight and found out that the neighbor goes to school with out Ward mIssion Leader!!! MIRACLE!!! Walk-N-Talk August is really an amazing thing for us to put our faith in. Any who... sorry for such the lengthy letter. I hope hat you all have had a great week!! I love you all!!! 


Sister Kelliann Jensen 

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