Monday, September 15, 2014

A little snow

Mom, Dad, and Everyone else!!!
Hellllooooo!!!! My first week here has been fantastic!! I abosultely love this area, my companion, and the work that I am doing. It is so cool to be able to help people everyday and to also come closer to Christ as I do so. It is so funny because I havent once missed my iphone, pinterest, the tv, or any other electronic that I have. The only things that I have missed are you, O'malley, the sun (it was way overcast for like 3 days while it snowed), and suprisingly Arizona dirt... weird right!! I have settled in quite nicely here and am getting used to the missionary life more and more each day. Suprisingly the cold hasn't bothered me as much as I thought it would. It was below 30 degrees Farehenhiet for like 3 days and all I needed was my boots for the snow and my gray jacket that we bought at JCPenney. I haven't looked for anything else yet, but we are going to the mall today so maybe I will find something else that I may need. I am really hoping that my card works here because I haven't yet gotten to try it... but I will soo so that is good. I will let you know if I need anything but hopefully I won't. As far a small town life. It really just reminds me of Pleasent View in Utah. Not too big but not too small. We went downtown yesterday for a devotional and I am not a fan so hopefully I get to stay in the surrounding neighbourhoods of Calgary or go down south when I get transfer in like 4 months (unless I become a trainer then I will be here for 6). Calgary is one of those huge cities like Phoenix where there are a lot of towns and neighbourhoods that come together and then there is downtown. It is funny because even though I really like Canada, I miss Arizona and am not sure that I want to leave that type of atmosphere when I get back... guess you will be stuck with me a lot longer :) I really like that lamp. The brown was getting a little old, and that was totally my favorite lamp shade. Have you set up Halloween at Target yet? It is so weird becuase thanksgiving is before halloween here... which really confuses me. I haven't been to Target here yet, but when I go I will let you know how it is. WALMARTS here are a lot nicer then the ones back home haha. I am glad to hear that Maz was able to make his wife happy with the tickets. Tell them I say hi and that I miss them, along with everyone else at Target. I will be back, I just have a different type of job to do until then :). I am looking forward to getting letters from the girls!! Remember that my address is the mission office address!! Oh and I got Adelle's picture and necklace that she sent me in the MTC! SOOOO CUTE!! I miss all of you soo much and need pictures!!!!!
Oh and mom, because I have a real kitchen do you think you could email me the recipes tooo...
- Banana Cream Pie
-Graham Cracker crust
- anything else that you want to send??
oh and can you send me the 30 day plank challenge that I was doing??
I love you soo much and can't wait to hear from you again. Be safe and enjoy the weather down there!! I will send pictures as soon as I can... I just can't get it to work on this computer.
Love you lots!!
Sister Kelliann Jensen
Mosiah 10: 3 to the end!!

Hi Mom and Dad!
Yes snow!!! And I mean a lot more then we ever get in Arizona. Every one has been telling me that this kind of storm in September has not happened for over 50 years. Crazy right!!! Sorry I didn't call you from Minniapolis. We got to the airport and had a two hour delay and the elders ran off to call and get food so 4 of us Sisters ended up staying with the bags. When the elders got back we ended up running to get breakfast (I was starving) and then by the time we got back to the gate we found out that our gate had been changed to all the way across the airport. By that time there was still only 4 of us at the gate (out of 16) so me and another sister had to run around the airport and find all of our missionaires to get them to the right gate. It was crazy but you put me in charge and my drum major insticts kick in so it was kind of fun. When we got to our gate we only had about an hour left and when I tried to call my calling card didn't have enough on it to call across country... boo. Anyway at the gate we met a nice couple that was going to Alaksa to visit the temple there. They only have like 5 more temples to visit in the states before they have been to all that have been open (until the end of september and november). 
I heard that there had been flooding in Arizona but I didn't know they ment that much!!! It is funny because there was group of missionaires headed to Phoenix that same day!! Between snow in Calgary and Floods in Arizona, I would say that "someone" doesn't want us on our missions!!
This week has been pretty great. I really enjoy Canada and the people that I have met so far. We haven't been having a lot of success in the area yet, but we have been praying to find success or to know what we need to do in order to have success and then we found out that our ward (the evergreen ward) is now made up of 50 inactive families and 50 active... crazy!!!! So Sister Martin and I have decided that our focus needs to be on converting the ward to missionary work so that even after we leave, the mission work will still go on. We have two investigators that our ready for baptism, Atoye and Oman. Both came to church on Sunday we just now have to focus on getting them a new place, and then getting them married. They have two kids and live together to that is our biggest hurtle... oh and they are from Ethiopia so we have to deal with some immigration issues that are holding us back. I have also met with a lot of our other investigators that we need to get back into the swing of lessons. Most of them are just kind of interested, so we need to build that desire in them so that they want to do the things that we ask them to do.
Man, I really love the melting pot and I am so glad that both of you where able to have a great night!! It looks like a lot of fun!! We have been having dinners from the members every night here. It looks like Sister Matheson (the sister here before me) was very popular in the ward and they are still getting used to me, but I love the ward (even if it is really small) and am excited to help others in the ward come back. I have a feeling that will be my specialty. So far I have come home every night exausted and ready for a great nights sleep and ready for more in the morning. I can always tell when I have put enough into my studies for the day and when I just half heartedly read, however it is amazing how much I realize every day that the Lord is answer my prayers. He always does you just have to be looking for the answer. It is not knock and then you will magically have everything you want, it is knock, remember, seek, and have faith the the Lord will answer your prayers when He thinks you are ready. Although one week has gone by really really slowly and really really fast all at the same time, I know that I have a lot of work here in Evergreen. Hopefully I get to stay for a little while. I know that I will be here for at least 3 months (December 9th) and it will probably be 4 and a half, so I know that I will have to use all the time I can to do the Lords work. Oh and yesterday we went downtown for a CES devotional... can I just say that I do not like the downtown of any city, including Phoenix. It is pretty and fun but scary at the same time and I feel like I would get lost soo easily there. I am working on getting pictures uploaded so if I figure it out I will send you some in a different email!!!
Love Sister Jensen!!!

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