Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Squirrel..oh, wait...

September 21, 2014

Mom and Dad;

     Sorry, I am writing in red pen. My black one broke and my blue one is AWOL at the moment, so I need to get out and buy some. Anyway I am writing to let you know how much I love you. I miss you everyday, but I know that what I am learning here and helping others learn here will and is blessing my family and future family. Honestly, I’m not sure what I would do if this gospel wasn’t true. If I couldn’t pray to my Heavenly Father and have the Book of Mormon and know of my eternal purpose and how I am and can only get there through Christ and his teachings, there really wouldn’t be a purpose to life. I feel like without the gospel and Heavenly Father’s plan, I wouldn’t have you guys, I wouldn’t have opportunities to grow, I wouldn’t have answers, I would just be this small human without any direction wandering in a huge world. Just in two weeks, I have come to know that Heavenly Father truly loves each and every one of his children. He places things on this Earth that allow us to be happy. He knows that because each of us are different people that we grow and learn in different ways. We all have personalities and talents that  we developed before we came to this Earth and Heavenly Father has put things like music and sports and other things that help us to grow in ways that we couldn’t have if we had stayed with him in that pre-Earth life. Although I am still growing in my desire to be a missionary and to reach out for those opportunities and people that are ready, my desire to learn and know more about the gospel grows each day. I know that although not everyone will accept this message, that there are people, souls, out there that are ready. That have been prepared by the Lord and the Spirit, who are ready to make that promise to Heavenly Father that we will always remember his son, our Savior, and that we will strive to live our lives according to the example that Christ set for us so that we can eventually live with Heavenly Father again. I need to remember not to get discouraged. Not to doubt. Have faith and remember that I have so many people and Heavenly help (even other souls) on my side. I love you dearly and am happy to know that we are going to be together forever!! Be safe, read your scriptures and pray daily. I can’t tell you how or why it works, but I know that it does and that you are being blessed for your efforts. I love you and can’t wait to hear from you again! And see you again!

Sister Kelliann Jensen

Daddy!! Thank you so much for your encouraging words!! I am so happy that you are able to listen to the spirit and that you are able to continue to show me how much my Father in Heaven loves me!! A lot of times this week I was filled with doubts and worries!! I was scared, and lost and worries that maybe I had just duped myself into believing all this and that I had no purpose of being here on a mission. However, I was scared when those thoughts came because I knew that if I went home, if I didn't find out for sure that this gospel was true, that I would probably be unhappy and miserable for the rest of my life, which is not something that I have ever wanted. Although I am still working past those doubts, I have the courage and faith to work past them. I know that we couldn't even have faith without Heavenly Father. That as humans, we have no way of knowing prefection without Christ. God's hand is everywhere in life, and although sometimes I think that it would be easier to go back to my old life and forget about the worries that I have, I would have to face them eventually and it is much easier to do those things here, when I am being blessed by the Lord for doing His work, then if I follow those prompting from Satan that don't want me here. I know that Heavenly Father lives. That his evidence is all around us. I know that without Christ, we could know Heavenly Father, and without the Holy Ghost we would not be able to know and decipher the good from God from the evil of Satan!! Thank you so much for your support!! I work everyday so that I can become stronger in this gospel, so that I can be happy in this gospel. I know that if I am scared about something, it is mostly likely because I do not understand it!! So what better place for me to understand it then here, with the tools we have been given, as a minister of Christ and His infinite love for us!! I love you so much!! Have a great week and keep strong in the gospel!! I invite you to pray and ponder about Conference before it happens, go in with a question, and search for the answers as you listen to the wonderful words of our Prophet!!

Here is a picture of the buffalo…oh, and a friendly prairie dog.

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