Monday, September 8, 2014

Almost time for Canada

Hi Daddy!!
I got a little extra time on the computer. I love you lots and am going to be so happy to talk to both of you tomorrow. I am only ever sad about not being with you when I write letters so if I cry just keep me calm. This has been the hardest time of my life but I know that it will be so rewarding when I get home. I want to have an eternal family and I want to be able to be with you forever. You guys are my best friends and I often feel lonely when I think about not seeing you but I know that I will have to learn to be away from you sooner then later. Plus this gives me a whole 18 months to grow my testimony on super speed when Heavenly Father knew that I would not do it on my own time. I miss you tons and am a little emotional right now due to lack of sleep. Keep mom safe for me and O'Malley company. I realize now how little I did with my life while I was at home and how much I will be capable when I get back. I don't ever want to go inactive. Keep me on to that. I know that it will bring happiness into both my life and yours, even when I don't always see the results. Oh and Danny wrote me. His letter has definitely helped me the most because I know that if he can do this I can too. I love you. 

Hi Mommy!
I love and miss you too!!! Mandy sent me Leah's blog post about breading the cat... haha I miss you all so much. I am super scared that I am going to get to Canada and my testimony is not going to be strong enough. I have realized while I am here how much I truly don't know, but I want it all to be true. I guess when you grow up in the church and then go inactive for a while, you never really develop the habits that allow you to come close to Christ. I realize how lacking my relationship is with him, and how little Faith I have in myself that I will be able to learn all of this while I am out... funny though, I have no desire to give up, I just hope that I am able to grow quickly and learn lots so that I can do well in the field. Please pray for me lots that I will be able to doubt my doubts and not my faith. Other then that I am doing pretty well with teaching. We have to pack tonight and then be at the shuttles by 2:30 AM... uuuuggggghhhhh. Although it has been hard, I feel like I am going to miss this place. Especially being around my district 24/7. Oh and I have learned how much I absolutely loovvveee Elder Bednar. His firey talks are fantastic and their is one here in the MTC that I have watched twice called the Character of Christ. It is not available anywhere but here however I hope that while I am out I can learn to turn away from my natural man and turn outwards towards the Children of God in Calgary. The weather has been nice here. It is raining right now and I had no idea that their was a hurricane. OH and I am so happy to hear the Heavenly Father has blessed those that we put in the temple prayer roll. It is nice to hear all of your spiritual experiances and I am super glad that Adelle is back to normal. Please keep me updated on Karen and Ben. I wish the best for that family and hope that they can become closer to Christ as a result of these hard times for them. Oh and it is supposed to snow tomorrow in Calgary.... yeah not excited. Anyway I will call you and Dad tomorrow morning at about 4:30 AM Utah time. I hope that I can catch you both because I really want to speak to both of you!! I hope that life is treating you well. I love you all so much and think about you daily. You will be in my prayers. 

Kelliann (Sister Jensen)

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