Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Letter from the MTC

Dear Mom & Dad,                                                                                   Aug 30th, 2014

     Thank you so much for the care package of yummy cinnamon/variety rolls! I totally had not noticed that I had forgotten to grab my temple recommend. I would have been in trouble without that...I did notice that I forgot my gray tennis shoes in the hotel room...oops (if you get the chance can you send them express?)
     Wow, I can't even begin to tell you how much I have learned. By the end of the day you just feel like you are so inadequate and like you do not know anything about the gospel. However, I learned last night that you can't let the adversary get you down. You can't compare yourself, but you should rely on Heavenly Father and tell him your weaknesses so that he can help you grow. I know I have so much to learn. But I am willing to put in the effort to try to help myself so that I can help others.
     My companion is fantastic! Her name is Sister Wagstaff. We got along really well when we first met...and she is lactose intolerant like me! We have the same concerns and have decided that we will rely heavily upon the Lord and the Spirit. We have what we call districts here which are small groups of missionaries whom we are with basically 24/7. We have 10 in our district, and we are all going to Calgary! I believe there are a few more not in our district as well. My district is so fantastic, the Elders are like brothers to us and we are all able to get along and have fun, as well as be spiritual.
     Oh, and yesterday we got mini I-pads. First time in the MTC, and so far they are really just a pain because they don't work right. Oh well, guess that's what pilot groups are for. Oh, Sister Wagstaff and I have been called as Sister Training Leaders (STL) for our district which means that we get to welcome the newbies on Wednesday. I love you all and miss you lots? Be safe and trust in the Lord. My P-Day is on Tuesday! Email you then!

All my love, Sister Kelliann Jensen

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