Thursday, September 11, 2014

Welcome to Calgary

Hello Everyone!
Greetings from Calgary Canada. Just sending a little email to let you all know that we arrived safely on the 9th and I have now been in Canada for a total of 2 days. I have been assigned to labor in Evergreen Canada which is just a little area in Calgary that is about 15ish minutes from downtown area. So we got off the airplane on Tuesday and guess what.. it was snowing. It snowed all day and most of yesterday. Cool experience. How many times do you get to say that the first day of your mission you got to be in snow, in September. My companion in Sister Martin. So far I love her so much and cannot wait to get to know her better and better as I train with her for the next 3 months. Her testimony is so strong and I am learning more and more by the hour. On Tuesday we spent about 3 hours stuck in immigration once we got off the plane so the 16 of the 25 missionaries that came in on that plane missed all of orientation and only made it for dinner. We then spent the night in a travel lodge after finding out our areas and companions. Yesterday I went with Sister Martin and now we are together working our cute little area. I have met a few of our investigators and am excited to meet more. We are staying in the basement of Brother and Sister Peters who are super nice. Their daughter is getting married soon and so we get to help prepare them for it! Also last night we had a relief society activity that went pretty well. Small in numbers but still fun to meet a few people. Even in just one day I am coming to realize how much Heavenly Father truly loves us. I am excited to continue to build my faith and my strength in the gospel, but I know how true it is and am excited to help others better their lives through Christ and through the commandments that God gives us. I love all of you so much and am excited to hear from you. Pday is on Monday and I believe that we will get getting to the library at about 10 or 11 Mountain time so about 9 Arizona time. Oh and we are not allowed to give our home address out so the address that you have for the mission office is the one that you will use for my entire mission. Don't worry we get letters every week. I love you all lots and although I can't believe I will be here for 18 months, I know that we will all grow by doing the things that God has commanded us to do. I will talk to you Monday with anything that I learn or forgot to say today!
Animal Count:
Goose: 2
Squirrel: 1 (This is for Justin... the squirrels are black here!!!!)
Alma 32:27
 Love Sister Kelliann Jensen!!!

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