Saturday, September 20, 2014

Food Drive - Letter from Ward Mission Leader

Hi!  Just a note to let you know that it is great to have your daughter with us in Evergreen Ward.  She is a great missionary and of course is just starting.  We had our annual food bank drive today so we had the missionaries pose for some fun pictures after they were done their work (taking the food brought in cars and putting them into the large cardboard bins.  The Cheeses, potato chips and orange juice I bought for props.  Sister Jensen has a great sense of humor and was quite willing to play along with the gag picture.  On a serious note she has a strong convictions to the gospel, to work hard.  I am trying to get the members working harder on providing the Sisters with teaching opportunities however I am brand new as Ward Mission Leader so I am grateful to have the help of the Sisters.   Thanks for all that Sister Jensen is – she must come from great parents!
Evergreen Ward
PS: The eyes peeking out between the Sisters in photo9111 is another Sister Missionary who jumped in the shot for some fun.  The bins of food you see in the background is waiting for the second semi to come.

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